Why Netanya is a Great Tourist Destination


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Last July, 70,000 tourists visited Israel from the United States, with 30,000 more from Russia. Many of these tourists flock to Tel Aviv hotels, drawn by the modernity of the city and the beaches. But there are alternatives to Tel Aviv hotels. In less of a bustle and busy city than Tel Aviv hotels are Netanya hotels. A Netanya hotel Israel has to offer is in a town on an equally beautiful beach, but is much more quiet. A hotel in Netanya is a relaxing escape after soaking in the business of Tel Aviv, the boy like amusement of the Dead Sea, and the wonders of Jerusalem.

The same tourists who flock to Tel Aviv hotels also go to other hotels in Israel. The Israel Central Bureau of Statistics says that the first quarter of 2012 saw a high of tourists. 3.5 million of these tourists visit Jerusalem every year, mostly to soak in the sites sacred to three different religions. Many go to Tel Aviv hotels before or after their pilgrimages to soak up the sun.

In contrast to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv hotels, Netanya and its hotels are gaining popularity. A center of the diamond trade, Netanya also has magnificent beaches. The southern reaches of Netanya have many nature reserves, including one that houses rare irises. Nature lovers will delight in Netanya.

Netanya and its hotels are also better than Tel Aviv hotels for the blind. Israel is already a friendly country for the blind, for the shekel is printed in braille. Netanya is also very quiet, meaning that the blind can rest after their many pilgrimages.

Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv hotels are flashy, but they need not be the main attraction. For those who want quiet, Netanya hotels are often a better option. Located on beaches with sand and surf, Netanya hotels are truly delightful for anyone.

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