Tips for Finding a Last Minute BnB

American workers spend more days, and longer hours, working than the workers in any other country. Because of this, few American have the luxury of more than 5 or 10 vacation days each year. This means when Americans do have vacation time that they choose to spend it doing things that they cannot do everyday.


Why To Choose a Bed and Breakfast Over a Hotel

Great bed and breakfasts can be found all over the place. They are dotted throughout the country and have so much more to offer a traveler than what your standard, generic hotel has. The best bed and breakfast will almost always surpass the best hotel in terms of comfort, staff, personality and amenities. Below you


Five Reasons Bed and Breakfasts Are a More Comfortable Option Than Hotels

When someone has a day or two off from work or a long weekend, they might want to plan a little getaway in order to relax and escape from the daily grind. For many, a hotel is the best option, especially if they are going to a different city where they do not have friends


Relaxing and Cozy Bed and Breakfasts

The typical American employee works more days per year, and more hours per day, than workers in any other developed nation. When they are lucky enough to have a week or two of vacation time, most Americans plan to do something or go somewhere that is not possible during their daily lives. If you can


A Home Away From Home

People on vacation have to stay somewhere, and hotels are often the default choice. However, Bed and Breakfasts are another accommodation option that offer a different setting than hotels. Bed and Breakfasts are usually a small lodge that offers overnight accommodations as well as breakfast in the morning. Bed and Breakfasts are typically private homes


Finding The Best Bed and Breakfast Stays

Finding the best bed and breakfast for your trip is going to be a challenge, but the first rule of the perfect location is that there is no one perfect location. You might as well forget about trying to find a sleepy hamlet with the ideal couple, low prices, and home style cooking. Those are


How To Find A Great Bed And Breakfast

Staying at a hotel for a few days is all well and good when you are in certain parts of the country, but at other times a great bed and breakfast will be an even better solution. After all, a great bed and breakfast will give you the comforts of home as you are waited


Commercial Airlines Are Bad For Productivity Talking To A Private Jet Broker For Your Next Business Trip

Travel is a necessary part of running a good business. When you’re a manager or a CEO? It’s even more common.

A travel experience that leaves you burnt out upon arrival is a travel experience you should dispose of. Too many hard-working Americans today are attempting to make do with a flight that leaves them exhausted. Not only is this a waste of money, it can seriously impact your performance down the road. Make this the year you take the art of travel back into your own hands and talk to a private jet broker. Providing you a smooth transportation and several useful amenities in one package, a private air charter will finally provide you the pick-me-up you’ve been craving.

On demand flying emphasizes the journey as much as the destination. Let’s talk about what a better flight experience can do for your productivity and your health.

Travel Industries Are Experiencing More Business As Of Late

Now’s a good time to figure out the ins

What to Do During an Alaska Vacation

Alaska is geographically the largest American state and one of the last to join the Union. Many Americans dismiss Alaska as a remote, barren place, but they may not realize that Alaska is in fact a very popular place for domestic tourism. The domestic American tourism industry is a big one, and while the sunny beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii are highly popular and typical to visit, Alaska has a lot to offer as well. No one will go snorkeling or play beach volleyball in Alaska, but this rugged state has many other outdoor adventures to offer for those interested. Alaska is an excellent state for those who enjoy rustic camping and adventuring, and Alaska vacations may vary from kayaking trips to big game hunting to a destination wedding in spring or summer. An all-inclusive vacation may be done for kayaking, for example, and searching “kayaking homer alas

5 Reasons to Think About Visiting Scotland

Life often moves at a fast pace. Therefore, this leaves many people excited about the thought of going on a vacation. Before taking your vacation, you’ll need to determine where to go. Considering that, many people want to ensure that their next vacation brings them to Scotland. You might be unaware of how much this country has to offer. With that in mind, here are five important reasons to think about spending your next vacation in Scotland.

  • Touring Historical Castles

    Many people take luxury tours to Scotlands to view this country’s historical castles. From Edinburgh to Glasgow, there is a wide range of castles to explore throughout Scotland. If you’re wanting to tour some of Scotland’s most amazing castles, consider checking out custom luxury tours of this country. In turn, you’ll be able to tour sights that have been around for hundreds or thousands of years.
  • Enj

The Last Frontier Reasons To Travel To Alaska

In the United States, Americans travel in record numbers. We travel for vacations from the east to the west; flocking to warmer climates. We travel all over the United States for weddings. Regardless of the purpose for travel, Americans explore everything the fifty states have to offer. If you’re an avid traveler, desire a unique vacation, have a wedding to attend, or what a personal traveling experience, here’s reasons why you should travel to Alaska.

Flightseeing Alaska

Flightseeing is the first reason you should travel to Alaska; see Alaska by plane! To begin, aviation is considered a lifeline to the rural sections of Alaska, or what is known as “the bush.” “The bush” is an integral part to The Last Frontier’s history and development. Alaska is, in fact, the most “flyingest” in the country. This state has more pilots than any other state in America! Alaska’s pilots are happy to share the sights with travelers!

Flightseeing is a unique, pers

The Convenience of Airport Shuttles

Traveling can be hectic in a lot of ways. It can also be very tiring. The last thing you want to worry about when you get to an airport after a long flight is how you’re going to get to your next destination.

This is where airport shuttles come in handy. Airport shuttle services can help to take you to your hotel or to other nearby establishments like conference centers or another airport.

On Site Services

One great benefit of utilizing an airport shuttle service is that the service is right on site. You can get all of the information you need about their schedules and where to board a shuttle right at the airport.

Convenient Transfers

Airport to airport shuttles make transferring from one flight to the next a breeze. You don’t have to stress over how you’re going to make it to the next flight, because there is transportation waiting to take you where you need to go.

Save Mo

8 Cool and Fun Things to Do in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is quickly becoming known for all of the fun things you can do there. Hundreds of thousands of people travel to the city for their vacations. In fact, in 2016, Travel and Leisure Magazine gave it their top spot on their “World’s Best Cities.” From taking buggy tours to enjoying the local cuisine or a trip to the coast, there is a lot to do and see in this southern town.

  1. Take one of the buggy tours around the city. The city was founded in 1670 so there is plenty of history to take in. Some people like to walk through the streets to take it all in but there are a number of horse drawn carriage tours that can make it feel like you are not just looking at the past but you are journeying back to see it. It has been said that no two buggy tours are the same. Some people report that taking the same tour, with the same route, can be different from day to day.
  2. Visit the area beaches. The city of Charleston claims almost 90 miles of coastline.