How to Restore a Poorly Maintained BnB to Its Former Glory


Running a BnB can be challenging because a house is prone to damage, especially when used for a long time. For instance, the wall paint might chip off, leaving the house looking old and unpleasant. The best way to run a BnB is to do frequent renovations to ensure the house looks new and appeals to guests. Many people prefer to stay in BnB rather than hotels due to the various benefits they get from such places, such as reduced cost and privacy. Therefore, running a BnB business means you will likely get many guests, increasing the chances of the house getting damaged. If you are an Airbnb owner, this article provides tips on how to restore a poorly maintained BnB to its former glory.

Renovate the Floor

A floor is one part of the house that determines whether the place is attractive, and a good one can make a lot of difference. The repairs needed for a floor depend on the type of floor you initially had in the house. In most cases, you can remove the entire floor and install a new one using your desired materials. Waterproof hardwood flooring is one of the most popular options in many BNBs due to its durability. The best part about these floors is that they are easy to clean and offer a sleek appearance. If you need to renovate some part of the floor, such as painting or adjusting the wooden boards, it is essential to consult a professional for more information on what to do. Concrete floors also look very appealing and are among the popular options used in Airbnb houses. These floors are easy to maintain and offer a modern appearance. Installing a concrete floor requires decorative concrete contractors because they have the necessary experience to do a good job. A new floor would make your poorly maintained BnB appealing and attract many guests.

Work on the Walls

If you have seen an old BnB house, you will notice that the paint on the walls looks worn-out and ugly. The best way to restore these walls is to give them a look that matches your style. You must get your creative side going because this is how you get a new and fresh look at the house. The choice of wall color plays an essential role in determining the mood and style of a house. Therefore, before choosing a color, it is best to think of the existing or new furniture for the BnB. You do not want to paint your walls a color that would make it challenging to furnish the house. Consider painting the wall using white, cream, and light shades of blue. These colors match well with any color of the furniture. This would make it easy for you to play with the interior decor. The best part about decorating your walls is the availability of wallpaper in different colors. These wallpapers allow people to play along with interior decor to their satisfaction.

Change the Kitchen Decor

Another essential tip for restoring a poorly maintained BnB to its former glory is changing the kitchen decor. This would involve painting the cabinets and getting new countertops and furniture. The kitchen is one of the areas that will determine how long your guests stay in the house. You can choose to get wooden cabinets or stainless steel ones. Painting such cabinets to match the house’s color scheme would make them sleek and appealing. The countertop choice would also determine how good the place looks and its durability. Thanks to ultra-modern kitchen designs, countertops come in different designs. For instance, quartz and marble countertops give the kitchen a new look and a perfect idea to restore your BnB. Once you have changed the cabinets and countertops, choose comfortable furniture that would motivate your guests to stay longer or give referrals about your BnB. A kitchen remodel is worth the investment because it will give the BnB a new appealing look. No guests wish to stay in a house with a bad-looking kitchen.

Remodel the Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is one of the effective ways of restoring a poorly maintained BnB to its former glory. The bathroom will need different repairs depending on the type you have installed. For instance, if you have a room with all tiled walls and floors, consider replacing them to give the bathroom a welcoming appearance. Tiles are prone to tearing over time; if such happens, your bathroom might not look old. The kind of floor you choose will determine whether your bathroom will have a modern or traditional look. Consider natural stone flooring for your bathroom to give it a new feel. Such a floor is easy to maintain and durable, hence, suitable for many BNBs. You can play along with the color of the floor by painting the walls and doors in similar hues. The toilet is the other place that needs repairs because they are prone to damage. The best way to give a toilet a new look is by replacing it with a modern one. A bathtub reglazing service would also recommend the best bathtubs to give the bathroom a unique appearance. A color scheme for your bathroom would also change its appearance. Among the common colors that would restore its glory are white, gold, black, and shades of blue. An updated bathroom gives the sense of a comfortable environment where guests would love to spend time. When you hire bathroom restoration services, rest assured that your bathroom will enhance the glory of the BnB house.

Renovate the Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is another feature that determines the glory of a BnB. Therefore, you must understand the extent of the pool’s damage before you renovate it. If the pool stays for long without use, consider hiring pool cleaning services. Such services clean pools using modern methods to make them the best place where your guests can spend time. However, if the damage is extensive, consider replacing it. The swimming pool repair services have a lot of experience and knowledge of pool refurbishments. Therefore, they can give you ideas on how to design the pool to match your expectations and add to the attractiveness of your BnB house. Swimming pools come in different designs, which depend on the available space. If you do not have enough knowledge about swimming pools, you might have challenges choosing the ideal designs to enhance the beauty of a house. The swimming pool is one area that offers added privacy, because guests enjoy the swimming pool without interruption from strangers. Hence, hiring an expert provides the best shot of having the best swimming pool to create an attractive BnB environment. Many people prefer to visit BnB because they offer enhanced privacy. Hence, having the best pool is an added advantage to increasing the number of people willing to visit your BnB and restoring a poorly maintained BnB.

Install New Lighting Fixtures

Are you wondering how to restore a poorly maintained BnB to its former glory when it doesn’t need many renovations? Installing new lighting fixtures is important in determining how good the house will look. Light installation might seem easy, but it is best to hire an expert if you want to create a sophisticated look. The experts know how to install the best lighting fixtures to meet the standard of quality and elegance that you expect. The best way to restore a BnB is by making it comfortable. Hence, the quality of lighting is crucial. When exposed to sunlight, white lights will make your house look old. Such colors give old houses an impression of being abandoned. They also make rooms look small because they do not fit with the existing decor and furniture in the house. If you want to restore the glory of your house, consider replacing the white light bulbs with vibrant colors like red, blue, yellow, and green. Colored lights are preferred for BnBs because they give a sophisticated look that would make your guests love spending time in such places. In most cases, colored lights offer an easy way to match your color scheme for the interior decor. The best part about colored lights is choosing the ideal color for every room to create a comfortable environment. Another way to restore the glory of your house is by installing LED lighting fixtures that consume less energy than other light sources.

Renovate the Roof

Many people look at the pictures of BnBs before choosing where to stay. A poorly maintained house is likely to have a worn-out roof that makes it look old and unkempt. This means that outside of your BnB will determine whether you get guests. Consider hiring commercial roofers because they have all the knowledge and experience necessary to construct a new roof, regardless of the house’s design. The best part about getting a new roof installation is that the house would not need many renovations. If the current roof is not damaged a lot, it would only require paint to make it look new. In such a case, you can do the painting yourself or hire an expert if you are not confident enough. Painting the roof would restore its glory, thus increasing the number of guests likely to visit your BnB. Once you have painted the roof or installed a new one, you can take pictures and post them online to attract guests.

Improve the Landscaping

The lack of landscaping can make a house look old and poorly maintained. Therefore, you must improve the landscaping to restore a poorly maintained BnB to its former glory. There are many ways you can improve the landscaping, and one of them is by planting beautiful flowers around the lawn. Flower gardens play an important role in adding beauty to your home. However, flower gardens require proper care and maintenance if you want them to last long. You can also create beautifully designed pergolas to make the outdoor space appear more appealing. A pergola offers your guests an ideal place to relax whenever they do not want to stay indoors. Making a BnB look good requires a lot of effort and time, especially when focusing on the outdoor environment. If you do not get regular maintenance of your garden, it will look unkempt, and this could also portray the same picture of the house. The outdoor environment is one area you want to take pictures of when marketing the BnB. Therefore, if the area looks well kept, the chances are high that many guests would wish to stay in your BnB. However, if your house has a poorly maintained garden, it would degrade the value of your house. Thus, you need to hire professional landscapers to maintain the landscaping well.

Create an Additional Storage Space

One of the most important tips for restoring a poorly maintained BnB to its former glory is creating additional storage space. Guests need an area to store their shoes, clothes, and other belongings. Hence, having additional shoe racks or hangers would offer your guests sufficient storage space for their belongings. However, you need to ensure that the storage space is free of bugs and pests because you do not want visitors leaving your BnB with insect bites. An ideal way to enhance the storage space is by installing additional shelves in your bathroom so guests can place their bottles, soap, and other items. The best part about creating additional storage space is that it makes a BnB look more luxurious. Hence, if you want to restore the glory of your house, consider creating an additional storage space for guests.

One of the most important things you need as an Airbnb owner is to make your guests comfortable. As mentioned above, BnBs are great places to relax and enjoy themselves with friends, but they tend to fall into disrepair over time. A poorly maintained BnB would make you lose due to the low number of people willing to visit. Hence, the above tips would make your BnB an ideal place for guests.

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