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Well, it’s just about that time of year again, and if you haven’t started planning your personal or family vacation, now is definitely the time to begin doing so! Despite global ignorant global stereotypes about Americans being lazy, Americans are some of the most hard working people in the world. Did you know that only 45% of Americans take a summer vacation? What about the other 55%? In addition, Americans work some of the longest hours each day, and it’s common for many Americans to work a number of different jobs all at the same time.

As it’s commonly said, adopting the mentality of working hard and playing hard as a reward can be extremely beneficial. Individuals and families who go on vacation experience a range of emotional, physical, and even mental benefits. Going on a summer vacation can be a great opportunity for busy families to escape from the chaos of everyday life, put down the electronic gadgets, and spend great quality time together that allows them to bond.

For individuals that are flying — no pun intended — solo, going on a summer vacation can still provide a variety of benefits. Vacation can allow people to return to life feeling rested, renewed, and recharged. Stress management is an extremely important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can help to maintain normal blood pressure levels, increase mental clarity and focus, and the body’s natural immune defenses up.

So with all that being said, wouldn’t you want to make the most out of your vacation? After all, you’ve worked hard to deserve it! So why not really get the most bang out of your vacation buck by choosing to stay at vacation rentals, such as beautiful oceanfront condo rentals, instead of at the same old tired hotels. Choosing the right accommodations is one of the most important aspects of planning a vacation, especially an enjoyable one. Even with all the meticulous planning you do in order to ensure everything else is right, such as dining, activities, and travel arrangements, your accommodations can literally make or break your hard earned time off.

Hotels are perfect for short term trips such as overnight business trips, but vacation condo rentals, such as cozy oceanfront condo rentals, are the key to feeling at home while you’re away from home. Beach condos especially provide a sense of comfort and ease that can only come with staying in a home and not a hotel. Staying in vacation home rentals such as oceanfront condo rentals is simply the best way to enjoy and enhance your vacation experience by brining the comforts and conveniences of home right along with you. What better way to enjoy the beach than with luxurious beach condo rentals?

Still not convinced? Just think about how comfortable you are at home. Now, think about how comfortable you feel in a hotel room? As nice as some of they are, it’s still easy to feel like a guest due to the lack of personalization. On the other hand, however, oceanfront condo rentals, offer all the comforts and conveniences of home while still allow you to get away from it all, like to ability to do laundry right in your condo without having to call guest services. In addition, nothing beats the feeling of being able to cook a nice, home cooked meal while on vacation. Furthermore, cooking at home instead of eating out can actually save you a lot money while on vacation and can also be much healthier.

In addition to be able to make home cooked meals, vacation condos such as oceanfront condo rentals allow individuals and families to have the ability to truly kick back and relax instead of spending time cramped in a hotel room or a hotel suite. Since they’re houses, vacation rentals allow people to have enough space to spend time away as needed and have privacy while still keeping everyone together under the same roof. This helps to keep everyone relaxed, happy, and at peace while on vacation.

You’ve worked hard for your vacation! Make the easy choice when it comes to accommodations.

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