Why Chartering a Bus Should Be Your Next Grand Adventure


Charter bus trips

Many people dream of travel, and those dreams are as eclectic and varied as the individuals who imagine them. Every dreamer has their ideal for what their perfect vacation, getaway, journey, or adventure would look like. Perhaps you envision a nice long train ride, or a quick and easy flight on a plane, or maybe you want to charter a bus or take part in a cross country bike trip. Whatever you ideal is, you can make it happen with the right amount of planning and determination. And if your dream is indeed to charter a bus, you could be doing great things for the environment as you head out on your adventure as well.

Charter a bus and help save the planet

There are plenty of reasons and circumstances that could lead you to the decision that you are going to charter a bus for an adventure that takes you around a city, across the state, or even across the country. From large family reunions to hosting a tour group or just getting a bunch of friends together for an impromptu event or highly anticipated celebration, the ease of bus travel combined with all the seats you need for such a big group makes chartering a bus an ideal solution.

Benefits of bussing it

Bus travel has not always been something to get excited about. It has been around for decades (going on centuries), from the time that horse drawn and steam powered buses were used in the 1820s and 1830s. Bus travel garnered a bit of a bad reputation as something uncomfortable and worth avoiding, but the most recent upgrades and improvements have proven that comfort on board a bus is definitely possible. Softer seats, more leg room, and technology such as radio, television and wifi are all examples of ways that it is possible to travel comfortably on a bus. And by bringing a group on board to get to your adventure, not only can everyone enjoy the ride without worrying about doing the driving, but there are also multiple larger-picture benefits as well.

Helping the economy and the environment

Motor coaches like the ones you would be interested in chartering can do wonders for both the economy and the environment.

  • Economy
    Just one motor coach bringing visitors into a new town can generate a significant amount of tourism dollars into that community by staying just a single night. By stopping just for that one night, a community could see as much as $11,660 infused into the town through the money those traveling on the bus spend on accommodations, food and drink, and other spending such as on souvenirs or travel essentials.
  • Environment
    For every motor coach that travels at capacity, there is a very real potential of taking as many as 55 vehicles off of the highway. This is significant in reducing traffic congestion but also in diminishing energy use and harmful emissions. These types of motor coaches are capable of providing more than 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel. That is a pretty impressive number when you compare it to commuter rail’s 92, domestic air carrier’s 44, and the 27 miles per gallon that single passenger vehicles achieve.

There are many reasons to travel by bus, especially if you are up for a new adventure. Even if you have traveled by bus before, each experience is new and different from the next. On top of that, if you are chartering a bus, chances are you will have the opportunity to tailor your bus ride to more closely fit your ideal or the preferences of your group as a whole. It doesn’t get much better than that. Unless, of course, you factor in the vital issues of supporting local economies and helping to save the planet.

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