Start Planning Your Next Kid-Friendly Vacation at a Family Camping Resort


Lake george campground

How far in advance do you plan your camping trips? A recent camping survey showed that 43% of campers do so at least a month in advance. While families may plan their vacations well in advance due to being excited about taking a trip, others do this so they can be sure to have just the right spot reserved at a family camping resort.

When you stay at a family camping resort, you can put up a tent, rent cabins, or sleep in your RV. Since you want to have a kid friendly vacation, you may want to mix it up a bit so your children have different types of experiences. They may enjoy sleeping outside beneath the moon and stars as well.

Just imagine swimming, hiking, or boating during the day. Then, once it grows dark, you can make s’mores and tell ghost stories by the fire. There are so many fun activities available, including the joy of just being outdoors in nature.

Children learn to appreciate and connect with nature when they go camping. An Institute of Education at Plymouth University study showed that 98% of the participating parents said this was true for their children. Furthermore, 95% of the parents said that their children were happier while camping, and 93% said that their children were able to learn practical skills that would benefit them later in life.

Many parents choose to take their children camping because they experienced regular outdoor activities when they were children. Others, according to same recent survey, hadn’t had as much exposure to outdoor activities such as camping.

If you haven’t gone camping in a while, or if you’re planning your first-ever camping trip, you’ll be joining so many others that love to go camping. In case you weren’t aware, camping is considered to be “the most beloved” outdoor activity in the United States. So, be sure to plan ahead at least a month so that you can reserve the perfect spot. Chances are that you’ll begin planning your next camping trip well in advance of a month.

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