Can Taking a Private Jet to Your Location Increase Productivity?


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Do you want to find a way to be more efficient on business trips? Then you should consider getting private jet quotes before your next business trip. A business trip in a private jet may seem like an uncalled-for luxury, yet as many executives are finding it can actually be a logical method for increased productivity. If you’d like to experience for yourself, along with less stress, less baggage restrictions, as well as time constraints, read below.

Chartering a Private Jet Can Be More Economical Than Traveling First Class.

To get started, you’ll need to get a private few jet quotes. When these come in, you’ll notice the full charge is broken down into different sub-fees.

    1. Hourly Charge.This may be one of two options, blocked time or air time. Blocked time refers to the total time, from when the aircraft begins to taxi down the runway until it comes to a complete stop at the final destination. Air time is billed for when the aircraft is actually in the air, so when it takes off from the runway until it lands at the destination runway.

    2. Fuel Surcharge. This is the estimated cost of the jet fuel your trip will require to get you where you’re going.

    3. Daily Minimums. This charge is just a requirement in terms of time. For jet quotes this usually means a trip will be billed for a minimum of one hour, even if it takes just under that time.

    4. Ramp and Landing Fees. This fee is from the airport or fixed base operator (FBO) for airport maintenance fees.

    5. Repositioning Cost.This fee does not appear on all jet quotes. It is figured in to the quote if the jet needs to be moved to the airport location you request. Some private jet companies do not charge for this, so compare quotes to see which company offers a better deal.

How Do Private Jet Quotes Compare to Flying First Class?

Clearly, you probably do not require the whole private aircraft to yourself. Private jets can be a great option for business groups traveling to the same location. This is especially true if the final destination is not close to any main commercial airport hub. It has also been noted on average, the cost of flying five business personnel first class just about equals the average private charter jet quote for the same flight.

Increased Productivity is a Never-Ending Quest in the Business World.

Back in 2009, there was a survey on the effects flying might have on productivity. It was found that participants on commercial flights felt an estimated 40% less productive when compared to their output in a regular business office. Conversely, those businesspeople flying on a company aircraft felt a 20% increase in their normal productivity output.

Which Is More Convenient: Private Jet or Commercial Flight?

When price is left out of the equation, a private jet wins this debate. First, baggage restrictions are not really applicable. That goes for bringing pets on board. Secondly, for long flights the food can be a source of discomfort for those with food allergies. One of the luxuries of taking a jet is the food. Many companies are more than willing to make special accommodations for their passengers, and that includes having specific items on board.

Air travel can be uncomfortable at times. When traveling for business purposes, it’s common to experience additional stressors. Hiring a private jet to get you where you need to go could make time constraints, baggage concerns, and food restrictions easier in many ways.

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