The History of Ireland


There are so many interesting places in the world, from the plains of Africa to the forests of Japan. Everyone has different places they want to go to, places that might move or change them in some way. Some people want to visit places that their ancestors are from, especially people living in the United States or in places with large immigrant populations. Other people are inspired by landscapes that look far different than the ones near where they grew up. These places can fire up the imagination or make you see things in a way that you’ve never seen them before. Whether you want to take a castle vacation in Ireland, find the best tours of England, go on a luxury custom tour around the mountains of South America or travel somewhere else entirely, there are always so many places for you to go visit. And, of course, one of the most interesting things about any of the places that you can go visit will be the history. Every different culture and country will each have its own unique history that is unlike any other history in the world, complete with its own stories, people, adventures and more. Reading about the history of a place is one thing but actually being there and learning about the history of a country while immersed in its actual culture is something else entirely. There are plenty of ways to do this as well, from the luxury custom tour to going on jungle safaris or actually staying in the locations where important cultural events took place. If you choose to do the latter, there will usually be guides you can hire who will tell you all about the events and adventures that took place in that location as well as interesting physical locations of battles and events that you can actually visit. For example, if you want to go to England and see the areas where the vikings used to invade centuries ago, there will be agencies that hire guides to help you on your tour. Let’s take a slightly closer look at one of these places and some of the amazing things you can learn.
The Luxury Custom Tour, Ireland and Adventure
Ireland and the Celtic Isles have their own diverse and fascinating history that dates back thousands of years. No historians quite know when people first settled around this area but they do know it was probably thousands and thousands of years before recorded history. Certain barrow mounds and art in ancient temples indicate that there were a few thriving cultures in the area that eventually coalesced and became the Celts although no one is quite sure how or why this happened. Some theorize it was a natural process, others think it might have had to do with defense against potential invaders. Whatever the reason, these tribes eventually banded together and began to develop a cohesive sense of culture and shared identity which we’ve dubbed the Celts but the true origins of what these cultures used to call themselves is shrouded in a little bit of mystery. Now, the Celts were a wide and diverse people with a lot of different groups. In fact, Ireland was only one of the places the Celts settled. There were Celt groups in England, Scotland, even France and other areas around northern Europe, each with their own distinct subgroup and developing sense of cultural identity. The Irish Celts had their own as well, theirs with a distinct natural and shaman centered spirituality. Due to the abundance of natural flora and fauna in the region, the great forests and hills, the early Celts worshiped many different aspects of the natural world such as powerful animals and tall trees. These were the life force and they were to be honored if the tribes were to survive. This nature based culture developed into an affinity for stone structures, burial mounds, and buildings which eventually morphed into the classical castle that we know today. Visitors to the Isles often love to take a luxury custom tour around these castles where they can learn about the interesting and diverse history on how they were built. Celtic Ireland is truly a fascinating place to go visit.

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