8 Cool and Fun Things to Do in Charleston


Charleston, South Carolina is quickly becoming known for all of the fun things you can do there. Hundreds of thousands of people travel to the city for their vacations. In fact, in 2016, Travel and Leisure Magazine gave it their top spot on their “World’s Best Cities.” From taking buggy tours to enjoying the local cuisine or a trip to the coast, there is a lot to do and see in this southern town.

  1. Take one of the buggy tours around the city. The city was founded in 1670 so there is plenty of history to take in. Some people like to walk through the streets to take it all in but there are a number of horse drawn carriage tours that can make it feel like you are not just looking at the past but you are journeying back to see it. It has been said that no two buggy tours are the same. Some people report that taking the same tour, with the same route, can be different from day to day.
  2. Visit the area beaches. The city of Charleston claims almost 90 miles of coastline. This means, which people may not automatically think of it as a beach town, the beaches are great. Located only a short drive from downtown, these are beautiful and a lot of fun, especially when the weather is warm.
  3. Check out the “Edge of America.” One of the beaches near downtown Charleston is called “the Edge of America). Folly Beach, set on on an island, boasts a great view of the Morris Lighthouse. You can go on a self-guided tour of the area. East Ashley Avenue ends with a great view of local graffiti that has a following of its own. The area also has some great restaurants.
  4. Visit the Commodore to get your dance on. This spot was born out of a jazz club that was THE place to go during the heyday of jazz, the A Touch of Class club. The Commodore has maintained the look and feel of the classic club. Many people liken the feel of the place to a speakeasy. They play great music that you may not get to hear in too many other venues.
  5. Take a walk in the Battery. This is another place where you can take one of the buggy tours. Whether you opt to walk or hop into a Charleston carriage tour, this is a great part of town to visit. Sitting on the downtown penninsula’s edge, the sidewalk there was once the wall that surrounded the city. The views of the harbor cannot be beat and some people have even reported being able to see Fort Sumter from here.
  6. Check out the old cemeteries. You cannot visit a city with so much history without checking out the cemeteries. These date back to before the founding of the United States. You can also pay your respects to people such as John C. Calhoun. While this may one of the creepier things you can do in any city, the history makes these spots worth visiting when you are in Charleston.
  7. Spend some time at the farmers’ markets. Like in many cities around the United States, the farmers’ markets in Charleston boasts more than fresh foods. Local artists, musicians, and artisans sell their wares and perform their work here. These run throughout the year. Do some research and you will see they occur on different days during the week. If you are looking for things to bring your friends and family, these are good places to get unique items.
  8. Enjoy the restaurants. It is no secret that the restaurants in Charleston are amazing. The food is one reason a number of people go there for their vacation. In fact, many consider Charleston to be one of the best cities in the country for dining out. If you like to enjoy your food and like variety, you will not be disappointed in Charleston, South Carolina.

There are a number of reasons people like to visit Charleston, South Carolina for their vacation. From the buggy tours to the world-class restaurants, the city has something for just about everyone. The history, the culture and the outdoor beauty, this city has a lot to offer.

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