English Film Set Tours Have Become Extremely Popular Among Americans


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Ever since it was founded more than fifty years ago, the BBC has produced some of the most popular television shows in the world, including The Office, Dr. Who, Downton Abbey, and Planet Earth. Downton Abbey, to cite one popular example, had become one of the most popular television shows in the world by the time that it reached its third season. (Gillian Anderson, who once starred in the X Files, turned down a role on the series. She is probably kicking herself right now for that poor decision.) These shows are not only popular in their native country; they have touched audiences around the world, many of whom save up thousands of dollars to take vacations to England so that they can take English film set tours of their favorite film sets. These fans believe that spending time on the sets where their favorite television shows were filmed will enhance their appreciation for the shows themselves. Consequently, English film set tours have become extremely popular in the last twenty years. Two of the most popular English film set tours take visitors through the sets of Downton Abbey and Dr. Who; these English film set tours are often nicknamed Downton Abbey tours (or Downton Abbey travel parties) and Doctor Who London tours. However, fans of the show are not the only people who are interested in taking these tours. Some visitors like English film set tours because they just enjoy the glamour of movie sets, whereas others simply enjoy learning about English history. These visitors are more apt to call these tours by their proper names, which are British castle tours and Highclere Castle tours. These visitors also like custom tours of famous Europeans cities, which many visitors agree are wonderful experiences.

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