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Finding the best bed and breakfast for your trip is going to be a challenge, but the first rule of the perfect location is that there is no one perfect location. You might as well forget about trying to find a sleepy hamlet with the ideal couple, low prices, and home style cooking. Those are part of the marketing of the bed and breakfast. The best bed and breakfast will actually be the one that gives you the most unobtrusive, hospitable experience. While it is nice to meet the charming couple that just decided to retire and turn their home into a business where they can share stories with strangers, remember that a bed and breakfast is a business first and foremost. That means that you should be looking for certain qualities in the operation, and that you should also read reviews.

Reviews on bed and breakfasts in your destination area will give you a much broader idea of which will be the best bed and breakfast for your stay. If you are looking to go on a business trip, for example, and want an alternative to the traditional hotel or motel, then a great bed and breakfast will offer you a convenient location, wireless internet, and other features that you still want to have for your room. Reviews will help you to find this type of location, of course, and can often point you toward the best bed and breakfast for prices as well. As mentioned, these are a business. They need to charge a certain rate if they want to stay open. Instead of looking for the lowest price, look for the average and see where BandBs in the area fall.

Finally, get all of the terms of your stay up front. Some bed and breakfast locations do not allow you to leave or enter after a certain time. Some may have rules about family stays, couple stays, guests that you bring back to your room, and more. Every location is private property, so they make the rules about what happens and who stays. The best bed and breakfast will make all of those terms well known up front, so that there is no confusion about what you should do in nearly any given situation. They also have contact information, in the event that you need to call in advance to clarify your stay.

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