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The typical American employee works more days per year, and more hours per day, than workers in any other developed nation. When they are lucky enough to have a week or two of vacation time, most Americans plan to do something or go somewhere that is not possible during their daily lives. If you can afford the gas, road trips can be a fun, adventurous, and enjoyable experience. When the time comes to call it a day, a bed and breakfast is a fine alternative to a motel and will provide a homey and cozy place to hunker down, relax, and get a good nights rest. Then when the refreshed travelers awake, it will be to the aroma of coffee and a home cooked breakfast, not the “continental breakfast” that most hotels and motels offer.

While it seems that most travelers think that they prefer the most luxurious hotels that they can afford, if one has never stayed in a high quality bed and breakfast, it can be a pleasant and rewarding experience. Many great bed and breakfasts are located in every state, but each offers something a little unique. Thus, it is always advantageous for travelers to plan ahead, if possible, and to decide which bed and breakfasts they will stay in. Planning ahead is also a good idea because many of the best bed and breakfasts require a reservation.

Ideally, bed and breakfasts will have websites that describe their facilities, service, prices, and policies, but this is not always the case. In fact, some of the most enjoyable bed and breakfasts do not offer websites, although times are changing. If they do have websites, it is recommended that folks look closely at them, and note such things as check in and check out times, eating arrangements, and menus. If travelers want privacy, this is important because they may not be interested in a bed in breakfast where you have to eat at the same table with strangers or even the hosts. When it comes to choosing a bed and breakfast, this type of traveler would obviously prefer bed and breakfasts that provide separate tables away from the other sloppy, rude lodgers.

Bed and breakfasts offer a unique and relaxing experience, which is particularly enjoyable for road trippers looking for an overnight respite. If one has never lodged at a bed and breakfast, it is one of those things that must be experienced to be truly appreciated. If they take a little time for planning, they will surely find the ideal bed and breakfasts to fit their lodging preferences.

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