Five Reasons Bed and Breakfasts Are a More Comfortable Option Than Hotels


Bed and breakfast

When someone has a day or two off from work or a long weekend, they might want to plan a little getaway in order to relax and escape from the daily grind. For many, a hotel is the best option, especially if they are going to a different city where they do not have friends or relatives with a couch to spare. But if someone does not like the lack of a personal touch in hotels, they might want to look for alternatives. Though some are hesitant to try them out, there are actually several advantages to spending a couple nights in hotel alternatives like the best bed and breakfasts.

1. Peace and Quiet

Heading to loud concerts and packed clubs is something that many travelers enjoy. However, if someone wants a more relaxing trip away from home, the might find that the best bed and breakfasts are perfect. They offer lots of quiet, comfort and privacy, making them a great place to relax.

2. More Personal Service

Because there is likely to be far fewer people in a bed and breakfast than in busy hotels, people who stay there will receive better service. Generally, the concierge is actually the owner, and will be dedicated to providing guests with a great stay.

3. Breakfast

There are few things more annoying while traveling than having to get up in the morning and leave the hotel to get breakfast. That problem does not exist at bed and breakfasts though. While some hotels might leave out simple breakfast options, they do not compare to fresh, home cooked breakfasts that help travelers start their busy day with a full stomach.

4. Located Off the Beaten Path

It might be tough to find a great bed and breakfast right on the main strip in a big city, so if a traveler wants to enjoy all of the restaurants and nightlife, then a regular hotel might be a better option. But if they are looking for a relaxing and quiet getaway, without having to deal with the hectic nature of a city, bed and breakfasts near the city limits can be a better option.

5. Great Value

Lots of people will be disappointed in their hotel experience after considering the total that they paid for the place. At times, bed and breakfast rooms will be priced a little bit higher than hotels, but they offer a much better experience. The combination of comfort, quality, amenities, and service makes the few extra dollars worthwhile.

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