Planning a Romantic Escape? Three Things to Consider About Couples Resorts


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One of the main reasons people want to get away, whether it’s to the beach resorts of Zanzibar or elsewhere, is to spend time with the people they love most. Recognizing this, popular tourist destinations across the world have had couples resorts pop up, hoping to capture the attention of tourists everywhere who are looking for a romantic escape.

Wherever you’re looking for couples resorts, there are some things you need to keep in mind to make sure your expectations match the realities. Following our three tips, you can ensure that the couples resorts you wind up choosing help to celebrate your romance, instead of putting road blocks between you and the person you love most.

There Are Many Different Types of Couples Resorts
As written on AOL Travel, the term “couples resorts” is actually an extremely general term. In fact, there are four different types of couples resorts: adults-only, luxury resorts, deluxe resorts, and basic. As you might imagine, each of these vacation resorts offers different perks and amenities. Adults-only couples resorts, for example, are known to have more adult activities and entertainment, e.g. bars, adult music, and the like. “Adults-only” shouldn’t be taken to mean that anything unseemly happens at those types of couples resorts. Instead, the name simply denotes an adult-centered focus.

If You Choose All Inclusive Resorts, Read the Fine Print
Did you know that, according to the National Education Association, not every all inclusive resort is actually all inclusive? The best all inclusive packages cover literally everything on the premises of your resort, whether you’re talking food, entertainment, or spa treatments. However, many lower quality programs will exclude everything from the cost of alcohol to dinner costs. Before booking any couples resorts with the “all inclusive” tag, make sure to ask your travel agent about exclusions or double-check the fine print on your favorite travel website.

Does Your Couples Resort Offer Romantic Amenities?
What’s the point of heading to couples resorts if they offer nothing to make your trip romantic? Take the best couples resorts in Zanzibar, for example. They are known for onsite spa treatments for couples, beautiful honeymoon suites with flowing organza curtains, and much, much more to give guests the romance and magic they’re looking for. If the couples resorts you’re considering are offering any less, why bother?

Finding great couples resorts can be the key to having the romantic retreat you’ve been dreaming of for months or years. However, not every resort marketed for couples will be the best fit. With these three tips, you can find truly inclusive resorts that offer the amenities and atmosphere you need to celebrate the love of your life. For more, read this link.

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