Tips for a Safe Vacation in Cabo San Lucas


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Cabo San Lucas is one of the most ideal places to visit. It boasts between 350 and 360 sunny days every year. The summer temperature generally runs from 70 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and between 50 and 80 degrees during the winter. Even during the rainy season (the summer), the area only gets between seven and ten inches of rain. If there was a photo next to the phrase “perfect weather” in the dictionary, it would be of Cabo San Lucas. This is one of the reasons vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas are so popular.

Another reason so many people enjoy their vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas is that the area is one of the safest in Mexico. Like any resort town, visitors should remain on the lookout for pickpockets but the area is generally considered to be very safe and tourist friendly.

Watch how you get there. The most convenient way for most people to get to Cabo San Lucas is by air. Many parts of the United States offer direct flights to the San Jose Del Cabo Airport. If you cannot get a direct flight, you can fly into Mexico City and switch flights there.andnbsp;

Be careful what you pack.andnbsp;You may want to have all the perfect items for your vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas but remember, you have to get all of that through customs.


  • Your passport. All United States citizens need to have a valid passport to vacation in Mexico and the local authorities are very strict on this requirement.
  • Your medications:andnbsp;If you take prescription medications, be careful to only take what you will need to take while you are on your vacation. The Mexican police can and may arrest anyone they think is carrying more medicine than they need.
  • Your sunscreen.andnbsp;The sun is very strong in Cabo San Lucas and sunburns suck. Bring it and use it to keep your skin comfortable.

Leave at home:

Any weapons.andnbsp;State Department has advised all Americans traveling to Mexico to leave their guns and ammunition at home. The Mexican authorities can arrest any travelers who try to enter their country with any weapons or bullets. This includes small items like pocket knives. Do yourself a favor and leave it all at home.

Be careful when you are driving or crossing the street. The traffic in Cabo San Lucas may be different from what you are used to at home. The drivers go very fast and are considered to be very aggressive. It is very important that pedestrians look both ways before crossing the street. That sounds like basic advice but tourists have been hit by cars when they were looking at their phone or at the scenery. Also many of the sidewalks are either uneven or have broken pavement so you should pay attention to where you are walking. It can be very easy to trip and fall on the uneven pavement.

Do not accept drinks from people you do not know. The State Department has issued recommendations that people pay attention to their servers and bartenders as well as the other people who are at the bars and restaurants. It may not be common but is also not unheard of for wait staff to slip something in an unsuspecting patron’s drink.

Carry as little cash as possible. It may be common sense but leave most of your cash in your vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas. When you travel with a group, you do reduce your risk for being the victim of a pickpocket but carrying a lot of cash is just an invitation to have it stolen. Many women protect themselves by wearing their purses across their chest. Your wallet should be kept in your front, not back, pocket.

Swim in safe places. While the Pacific Ocean is undeniably beautiful in the area around Cabo San Lucas, it is very dangerous to swim in. Rogue waves and strong rip tides have taken the lives of many intrepid swimmers. Even if you are a strong swimmer, if you want to swim while on your vacation, stick to the eastern side of the peninsula. Many vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas, luxury resorts and villa rentals have pools so take advantage of that opportunity.

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