One Trick to Find Deals on Private Charter Flights


Empty leg flight

How many times did you travel for business last year? Did you choose to fly for some of those trips? If so, you’re not alone. Flying for business travel is getting to be more and more common: in 2012, as much as one third of domestic business travel was done by air. And if you do fly for business, chances are you’ve done it a lot, on average 15 times in just the last six months.

All that flight time can be inefficient and uncomfortable. We’ve all experienced the long waits at the gate, and the discomfort of cramped seats and loud cabins. Let’s face it, when we have to travel for business, we just want to relax and prepare for the real work at the other end of that flight.

Of course, you could charter a private jet and skip that miserable boarding line. Charter plane services offer a level comfort and privacy far beyond regular commercial flights. That means absolute VIP service, and just as importantly, unlimited leg room! And you can count on flexible boarding times with more direct flights, thanks to the huge range of over 5,000 public airports in the U.S. open to private charter jets. That’s more than the airlines by 100 to one.

But all those high end features can be a pricey proposition, right?

Well, it turns out some charter jet companies are using what’s called an empty leg flight to offer steep discounts on one-way fares. The jets already have to make these flights to return from previously chartered destinations, and they’re looking for ways to help recoup some of that cost. That’s where you come in. Taking passengers for these empty leg flights is so important to the charter companies that they’re often willing to cut you a substantial deal.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement: the charter plane services get to fill flights that would otherwise just be costing them money, while you get to reap all the benefits of flying privately for a much lower price — with no lines to wait in, no noisy conversations to tune out, and no chair back bumping you in the knees. Considering it all comes without the hefty price tag normally associated with charter plane services, you might never have to go back.

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