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American workers spend more days, and longer hours, working than the workers in any other country. Because of this, few American have the luxury of more than 5 or 10 vacation days each year. This means when Americans do have vacation time that they choose to spend it doing things that they cannot do everyday.

While some Americans prefer to embark upon expensive and exotic overseas vacations, others do not have the money to spend on that. One way to enjoy an affordable but exciting vacation is to take a road trip. A road trip will take vacationers to places that they never even new existed, and it will also allow them to stay at the best bed and breakfasts. A great bed and breakfast can be an cozier and homier alternative to boring and seedy motels.

Just as there are many types of more traditional lodging available, there is even a wider variety of bed and breakfasts. However, just like there great motels and awful motels, bed and breakfasts vary in quality, as well. Thus, it is always recommended that vacationers plan ahead and make arrangements with the best bed and breakfasts that are located along their routes. Although this may take away from the spontaneity of the road trip, it is probably the best thing for picky vacationers who are looking for best meals and privacy.

For road trippers who are looking for privacy, some bed and breakfasts have communal meals, which is not ideal for people who are wary of strangers. To them, the best and breakfasts will offer will have individual dining tables and a buffet. Thus, they can avoid interaction with anyone but their companion. Additionally, the meals will probably be better, as well, because the best bed and breakfasts offer buffets with a wide variety of succulent fare.

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