The Last Frontier Reasons To Travel To Alaska


In the United States, Americans travel in record numbers. We travel for vacations from the east to the west; flocking to warmer climates. We travel all over the United States for weddings. Regardless of the purpose for travel, Americans explore everything the fifty states have to offer. If you’re an avid traveler, desire a unique vacation, have a wedding to attend, or what a personal traveling experience, here’s reasons why you should travel to Alaska.

Flightseeing Alaska

Flightseeing is the first reason you should travel to Alaska; see Alaska by plane! To begin, aviation is considered a lifeline to the rural sections of Alaska, or what is known as “the bush.” “The bush” is an integral part to The Last Frontier’s history and development. Alaska is, in fact, the most “flyingest” in the country. This state has more pilots than any other state in America! Alaska’s pilots are happy to share the sights with travelers!

Flightseeing is a unique, personal experience that allows you to immerse yourself in Alaska’s picturesque sights, and beautiful nature. The flightseeing tours in Alaska depart from Anchorage. In addition, they occur all year round. Flightseeing is ideal if you desire to see areas that are not accessible by any other means (cars, buses, etc.). Are you ready to take to the sky?

With flightseeing, you’ll enter a small plane to take flight over Alaska’s wilderness. You can view mountains from high overhead. You can see Alaska’s beautiful dark blue seas, and massive tidewater glaciers. You can immerse yourself in the snowy, sapphire landscape. You’ll travel all around Alaska. To the northwest, there’s Denali, North America‚Äôs tallest peak at 20,310 feet. To the south there’s the Kenai Peninsula, home to Kenai Fjords National Park. Lastly, to the east you can see the Chugach Range. It spreads itself across Anchorage, and then stretches 710 miles East towards Prince William Sound and Valdez. How incredible!

On a flightseeing excursion you can also see the setting or rising sun. It is important to note that there are day trips and night trips for flightseeing. These trips include bear viewing, fly-in fishing, hiking and glacier landings. Maybe you’ll even see a bear. After all, about 100,000 black bears live in Alaska. Whichever trip you choose, even if it’s just a plane ride over the wilderness, flightseeing is sure to impress. These are views you’ll never forget!

Dogsled Tours

The second activity you can partake in in Alaska is go dog sledding! Dog sledding is the most popular shore excursion. To begin the tour, you will need to take a helicopter trip. This trip will take you to the moutains where you can participate in a dog sledding ride with Alaskan sled dogs on a glacier! Not only will you get to experience an exhilarating race through snowy Alaska, you can see breath take views from the helicopter ride, you can see the beautiful, massive glaciers, and you can get a personal experience as you hear stories from tour guides! In addition, the Iditarod mushers will tell you stories of the world-famous race. You can get an education while on vacation! Lastly, they will let you cuddle with the sled dogs! This is truly a one-of- a-kind experience!

Alaska Glacier Wedding

If you want to do something special for your wedding, Alaska is the ideal destination wedding location. Many brides love the uniqueness of Alaska and its connection to all things nature. If you’re attending a Alaska Glacier Wedding, you’re in for a truly magical event! For this wedding location, the helicopter typically lands at elevations of 1,800 to 3,500 feet, with ice up to 2,500 feet deep below your feet. Mountain peaks rise a mile or more above you and wedding guest and massive icefalls make you feel like you’re the only people on the planet! Additionally, during the helicopter ride, you might see mountain goats, bear, deer, and glaciers. There are various Alaska glacier wedding packages to choose from. Alaska glacier wedding packages are unique. Alaska glacier wedding packages range from lavish packages to short rides. Lastly, Alaska glacier wedding packages can come with photographers, an officiant, allow a number of guests, ensure privacy, and offer gift bags with goodies!

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