The Coolest Mountain Home Ever!


Everyone dreams of having a home with a view. Whether this view is of a canyon, rolling hills, or the beach is a matter of preference. For many, living in a mountain home is an absolute dream. The cozy feeling of a cabin makes it feel like a getaway every day you live there. The views are spectacular, with the mountains changing gloriously with the seasons.

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The pure feeling of being able to live so close to nature has a huge draw on many homeowners, and anyone can see why. This video gives a tour of an example of a dazzling mountain home, complete with pool table and giant fireplace.

Mountain homes are rising in popularity not only for their aesthetic value, but also for their rentability. Airbnb has integrated a whole filter dedicated solely to mountain homes. People are looking to stay at these homes quite often, and are willing to pay quite a bit of money for a single night. The perks of a mountain home are tremendous, especially for those who have an unending love for nature and outdoor sports.


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