Top Tips for a Honeymoon You’ll Never Forget


Wedding planning takes a lot of energy from you and your loved ones. It is a fact that you have to consider specific aspects that will improve your wedding experience. When you tie the knot with the love of your life, it opens the way to creating a family that you will cherish and value. The wedding ceremony has to be magical and memorable in every way. Your extended family has to remember and cherish every bit of it.

For this reason, most couples opt for the services of professional wedding planners and utilize the best honeymoon tips that ease the process. As much as the wedding planners might have done the best job for you, the question remains, what to do afterward? Rarely do couples decide to go back home to spend their wedding night in it. Most couples prefer to go for a honeymoon immediately and far away. Honeymoon is the magical moment that every newlywed awaits, which means effective planning must be done. But what does it take to plan for a honeymoon? Where do you start?

Planning for a Honeymoon

Planning for a honeymoon involves more than packing your bags and get on the road to an undisclosed location. Everything has to be in perfect order. It is a decision that involves looking at things from different perspectives and angles. It will serve your best interest to consider working with a professional planner and make the work easier. The availability of honeymoon planning agencies in the market means one has an avenue to create the perfect plan.

When you research extensively, it allows you to gather information on the best honeymoon tips that include location and destination, the expenses to incur, how to pack for the trip, and most importantly, how to create an activity schedule. The uniqueness of your honeymoon depends on the efforts put into the planning. You should know that there are wealthy options available for a honeymoon that suits you as a couple. There are also specific best honeymoon tips to help you as a couple to plan for a magical experience. But before getting into details, what are the benefits of going on a healthy honeymoon?

Benefits of Going on a Honeymoon

Enrich your mind, body, and soul: During the honeymoon, couples have the opportunity of knowing and understanding each other better. It is the chance to get rid of doubts and question marks that might have lingered around before. Going for a honeymoon helps the couple reconnect, especially after planning for the wedding ceremony and the unexpected pressures. It is an avenue that helps one experience true peace of mind and love. There is also the deepening of spiritual feeling as one rests the body and mind. Having your loved one around allows you to reach ultimate relaxation, concentrate and think deeply about the different aspects of life that need to be handled. You get closer to your partner, feel revived and rejuvenated mentally and physically.

Learn new skills: A honeymoon environment is perfect for learning and gaining new skills. The destination you choose helps you practice wellness or sports. When you experience everything together, you discover new hobbies and likes that you can share for the rest of your lives. Imagine going scuba diving on the Costa Rican coastline with your loved one? The thrill, the heart race, emotional connection, and memories you will have afterward! You also get to learn survival skills that you can apply every time you go camping back home with your kids in the near future. This is not only healthy but also improves your well-being as a couple.

Engage in a new culture: The destination you select for your honeymoon as a couple should have a rich and vibrant culture for you to experience the local traditions. Being critical of the local culture is among the best honeymoon tips to consider as a couple. When you immerse yourself as a couple into the local cultural setting, you get to learn, understand and appreciate the magic of life. Every cultural setting has a beautiful surrounding and hot spots with a remarkable history that will build you as a couple in marriage. The traditional meals and cuisines available make you appreciate the taste of life.

It’s all about you as a couple: Do you remember when last you spent quality time with your loved one without thinking about work or responsibilities? When was the last time you enjoyed privacy as a couple? Note that spending time away from your worries and distractions as a couple is the main reason to go for a honeymoon. You get the best of each other in terms of love, attention, care, and fulfillment of physical and emotional needs. There is the freedom to explore different hobbies, correct mistakes while improving each other, and develop new traditions before getting into marriage and family life. The time spent together and the level of interaction you have as a couple during the honeymoon period reduces on a larger margin the chances of divorce while in marriage.

Create a family and life plan: It is not only about the privacy and relaxation that a honeymoon brings along; it is also about developing a plan for your family. The honeymoon time helps you develop a plan for the kind of house that suits your family’s needs. You decide as a couple on whether buying a house is essential or building one is much better. It also helps you understand whether buying a new car is necessary for your family needs or you have to look for a used RV in case of road or camping trips.

It is paramount to understand that to enjoy the experience that comes with the uniqueness of your honeymoon, the right decisions have to be made. This essentially means that you research for information on the best honeymoon tips to follow, especially as newlyweds. Below are the four excellent tips that will guarantee you a honeymoon to remember:

Have a Budget

Having a budget is a no-brainer. Creating a budget that is within your financial plan is crucial. You should expect to spend a considerable while on the honeymoon. The best experiences you get during a honeymoon come at a cost. While it is important to focus on the accommodation and travel expenses, consider the miscellaneous that comes along. What can you comfortably afford? How much are you willing to spend? If you can answer these questions without feeling pressed, you will be on the right track.

Alternatively, you can consider looking for an expert to go through your budget. Seeking a second or third opinion helps you develop the right budget for your honeymoon. Professional advice comes in handy in every stage of your relationship and more so in marriage. It will be easier to omit unnecessary expenses while focusing on the best ones when you look for professional advice.

The purpose of having a realistic budget is to help you as a couple eliminates extreme honeymoon ideas. You will enjoy the time together no matter the destination you settle for when you consider the budget at hand. Remember that your budget should sustain the accommodation, travel, and activities you will engage in while on your honeymoon.

Focus on vacation time and not travel time

If the travel time is more than your vacation time, you should reconsider your options. Among the best honeymoon tips, you should be critical of the time spent. In simplicity, the traveling time should include the time to and from the airport, the actual time to the destination, and checking in the hotel. If you are driving to your destination, this should be included as traveling time.

On the other hand, vacation time should be 90% of the schedule. Planning your traveling time allows for plenty of time on your vacation. The honeymoon should not be hasty but an experience to be enjoyed and memorized as a couple.

Visit traveling websites and go through the articles and blogs to create a honeymoon schedule. The honeymoon schedule will help in maximizing vacation time rather than traveling time.

Check on the Accommodation

The accommodation you select should be among the priorities when planning to go on a honeymoon. The vacation time spent is determined by the kind of accommodation you have. Have a list of hotels and vacation rentals within the location and destination you choose. Assessing the hotels by looking at the reviews and rankings before deciding on the best one is among the best honeymoon tips to focus on.

The state of the rooms and specifically the bed and beddings and the bathrooms should be assessed. Talk with the hotel management to understand their bed bug control measures, hygiene routine, and cleaning services before booking in.

When checking on the accommodation, make sure you understand the hotel’s menu. The food and meals offered should be within your diet and price range. Ask yourself; does the hotel offer bed and breakfast only? Is it half-board or full-board? Do drinks accompany the meals? What type of wines do they offer? Having the knowledge and understanding of the menu helps you create a meal plan that suits your needs and budget.

Always Remember Why You Are There

Getting overwhelmed by the experience and forget why you are on vacation is easy. Remembering why you are on a honeymoon is among the best honeymoon tips that you can focus on and make the moments memorable. A honeymoon gives you and your spouse the chance to celebrate your love and solemnize your union. Most couples get overwhelmed or pack the schedule with unrelated activities hence having less time to spend.

When creating an activity schedule, make sure to include more time for playing together, walking across the fields or vineyards, and trying new things. With the right activity schedule, it will be easier to avoid spending much time indoors, making the vacation less interesting.

Take time to research for possible and effective activity schedules that you can use for your honeymoon, especially in a destination you are going as a couple for the first time. You should consider a tour and travel guide’s services in identifying such activities that will allow you to spend more time with your loved one, especially in a new area.

Check on the Weather Forecast

Never forget to check on the vacation destination’s weather forecast despite the excitement you have about going on a honeymoon. You should note that checking on the weather frequently will help you understand the kind of attire you will pack. Imagine packing for a humid and temperate environment and reach the destination in a rainy and chill weather condition.

Yes, there are many best honeymoon tips to consider, but not checking on the weather forecast before your travels can only lead to disappointments. The activities you will get involved in and the time spent together as a couple is, to a larger extent, determined by the weather conditions.

The weather conditions also determine the attires you will choose and pack and the budget you will allocate in buying them. Make sure to select attires that every activity you will be involved in. for example, you need to have a comfortable outfit for dinner, casual clothing to go shopping with, and a sporty outfit for rafting or ziplining. Outfits such as lingerie, bathing suits others one would expect to carry on a honeymoon can be affected by the weather conditions.

Your honeymoon should highlight your relationship before starting the family journey. In most cases, it is the only time you will spend freely as a couple without the pressures, worries, and distraction of time. When you go wrong with your honeymoon plans or time, the memories will haunt you for the rest of your lives as a couple. Effective planning is vital for any newlyweds. If you can plan and organize for the experience on your own by putting the best honeymoon tips into consideration, the better. If not, you should look for professional services by working with a wedding or honeymoon planner. Remember it is just a holiday but a special one as you will be spending it with a loved one and who you will be spending the rest of your life with.


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