Top 3 Excuses to Go Cabin Camping This Summer


Cabin camping in iowa

There’s no better way to take a break from life than by camping. Surrounded by nature, isolated from the congestion, glare, and constant noise of the city, family camping vacations are the ultimate way to unwind and de-stress. As 14% of the American population will tell you, only when sheltered from the city can you truly appreciate Mother Nature at her finest.

For many, this means packing up a tent and the bare necessities and driving out into the wilderness. On average, campers travel 186.7 miles for camping trips. They’ll spend an average of 14.9 days camping, but not always in a tent. While some prefer the intimacy of nothing but a tent or sleeping bag, many others prefer something a little less rugged. If you’re anxious to get away but not fond of sleeping on dirt, cabin camping is the way to go.

There are many great benefits to cabin camping. Not only do you get to have a much needed respite from the city while surrounding yourself with the serenity of Mother Nature, but you’ll also appreciate these three benefits:

  1. It’s like home but better.

    Depending on the family cabin rentals you choose, your cabin for rent could have all the amenities of home and then some. Family vacation cabins can be fully equipped with electricity, kitchens, bathrooms, dining and TV rooms and even include dishware and linens. In essence, these venues are like camping in your own private bed and breakfast except you’ll be the only guest there and won’t have to worry about pretending to like the chef’s food since you’ll be the chef.

    If you’re looking for cabin camping that’s a bit more rustic, you could always find a simpler abode. Vacation cabin rentals range from full-scale homes as described above to little more than four walls with a door. The latter cabins are essentially tents with hard walls and a roof.
  2. Oh, the attractions you shall find.

    Beyond the cabin itself, family cabin camping parks offer a whole host of entertainments the whole family will enjoy. Most include the standard picnic tables and fire pits. Many go above and beyond with family-friendly activities from water sports and bike rentals to full fledged amusement parks. Water parks are a great way to coerce reluctant campers into taking a cabin camping trip during summer. More subdued entertainments might include hot tubs or swimming pools and wireless internet.

    As you can see, there’s no need to worry about your kids getting bored with the outdoors. Besides, research has found the best time to introduce kids to camping (be it cabin camping or another form) is before the age of 15. Once that pivotal age is passed, the chances of a child taking up camping is slim.
  3. It encourages outdoor engagement.

    A full 57% of people who began camping as a child, also partook in other outdoor activities on a regular basis as children. Non-campers, on the other hand, were far less likely to engage in outdoor activities. Only 25% of children whose families didn’t go on family camping trips regularly spent time outside.

    Think of your cabin camping trip as just the beginning; the beginning of a healthy and rewarding relationship with the outdoors.
  4. Your wallet will thank you.

    When it comes to family vacations, cabin camping is one of the most cost-effective ways to stay. Vacation cabin rentals are typically far cheaper than the average hotel room and unless you own an RV or are prepared to sleep in a tent, there’s no cheaper way to sleep outdoors. Except maybe in your backyard, but who calls that a vacation?

Important considerations before choosing your campgrounds

Now that you’re ready to reap the many benefits of cabin camping (only a few of which we’ve listed here), it’s time to choose your campsite. There are the three most important things to keep in mind when doing so:

  1. Location – – Both from home and natural sites such as lakes or waterfalls.
  2. Size – – Do you need multiple bedrooms or will one great room suffice?
  3. Amenities – – Who provides the bedding? Are the bathrooms public or private?

Now that you’re armed with the necessary knowledge, what are you waiting for? Head out and reserve your cabin rental today.

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