Where Should I Go Camping This Summer?


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What constitutes a fun and memorable family vacation? This is a question that millions of Americans find themselves musing over year after year, when the season becomes hot and the call of the outdoors is too alluring to ignore. From seeking out kid friendly vacations at national hotspots to choosing more seclusive cabins for relaxing weekends, the world truly is your oyster when you’re ready for vacation. But where to even start with all these options? One of the most popular choices, even now, are Sioux falls attractions. Popularized for their combination of brilliant waterfalls and vibrant downtown culture, Sioux falls attractions and nearby campgrounds can easily fit anyone’s bill.

How Popular Is Camping?

The United States is known for many things, but when it comes to past-times? It’s all about camping. Every year sees more than 11 million children and adults attending camps across the country, with the industry raking in $15 billion on a consistent basis. Waterparks find the most business in the middle of summer, while campgrounds and cabins often see steady business in all seasons. Sioux falls attractions have continued to be one of the most beloved options for families who want the full package when camping.

What Are Fun Camping Activities?

One of the best things about camping are the sheer variety of options everyone has at their disposal. Depending on where you go you can enjoy the brisk water of a local river or enjoy the woodlands as they were meant to be experienced. Family camping resorts are prime spots that allow people of all shapes and sizes to find something fun to do over the weekend — many family friendly campgrounds are known to offer a plethora of water-based activities, including but not limited to boats, pools, lakes and water splash slides.

What Are Common Preferences?

Although everyone has their favorite activities, there are a few that have withstood the test of time and individuality both! Hiking has been found to be the most popular activity while camping by a landslide, beating out fishing, swimming and boating. If you think about it, hiking’s popularity is pretty easily explained — it’s great exercise, a prime opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and an affordable activity all rolled into one handy dandy package. Campgrounds, in addition, are known to offer mini golfing, basketball and volleyball alongside more conventional options to keep things varied and fun.

What Are Common Mistakes?

The best family vacation will still be a frustrating one if you don’t prepare beforehand. When camping outside make sure you properly dispose of any and all excess food, material waste and toiletries as not to attract dangerous animals — bears, in particular, have been found to have a smell far stronger than the average dog’s and can find you from miles away! Remember to keep flares and flashlights with working batteries on you at all times. The happiest camper is the most prepared, after all, and you don’t want to be left stranded without cell service. Last, but not least, clear over any allergies family and friends may have to food or medicine so you don’t get a nasty surprise when you least expect it.

How Can I Plan A Good Vacation?

Now that we’ve gone over the camping industry and the favorite activities of campers, how can you go about planning your vacation? In a survey conducted by The Outdoor Foundation, over 65% of participants said they camp the most in public campgrounds instead of conventional tents. Another survey saw 25% of camping participants aged 17 or younger, with another 15% aged 12 or younger. If you’re not sure who to bring, remember that more truly is merrier! The majority of regular and new campers prefer to bring friends along. Not sure if you can find a place suitable for everyone? Sioux falls attractions, named after the Sioux tribe of American Indians, is home to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. When it comes to time off, you want to spend it as wonderfully as possible!

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