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One of the most thrilling aspects of being alive in the 21st century is the sheer number of ways there are to travel. It’s been a while since we’ve been limited to the confines of horse-drawn carriages and steam engines to get us where we need to go. Today’s options include the bicycle, automobile, subway, city bus, airplane, and more. Perhaps one of the most luxurious and environmentally friendly ways to travel with a group is the coach bus, also known as the motor coach or charter bus.

What’s a Charter Bus?

Even if you’ve never traveled inside a charter bus, odds are you’ve seen one the road somewhere. Charter buses almost resemble giant limousines, with sleek, long, tall, frames and typically black-and-white designs. Their purpose is to get groups of about 50 people from one place to another, all while providing a comfortable, spacious atmosphere usually including cushiony seats, TVs for movie or television viewing, WiFi, and food options. While not all charter buses include all these amenities, many offer most of them.

Why Ride on a Charter Bus?

If the luxury isn’t enough to sell you on a charter bus trip, there are other benefits to traveling this way. The first involves the actual purpose of charter buses, which is to host large groups and bring them to an event or multiple places on a specific timeline. If several people want to tour an area or attend an event, why not have them travel together as well? This isn’t only efficient, but it can also forge bonds among the people on the bus.

Let’s say a group is attending a sporting event via charter bus. After the event is over, there is plenty of time and space for people to discuss the event, getting to know each other and possibly creating friendships over the shared experience. This opportunity might be lost if everyone attending the event departed on their own afterwards. And in a society where face to face interaction is becoming less common, it can be refreshing to partake in this kind of community gathering.

The other major benefit of traveling via charter bus is environmental. As previously mentioned, most motor coaches can carry up to 55 people, meaning 55 cars are potentially taken off the road any time a charter bus is packed full. This clears up space on the road and reduces carbon emissions by a great deal. In fact, motor coaches are the most environmentally friendly method of transportation in terms of carbon dioxide emission per passenger mile. So if you’re environmentally conscious, it would make sense to take every opportunity possible to ride in a charter bus!

How to Find a Charter Bus

You obviously can’t just hop on a charter bus whenever you feel like it. However, if you travel often and enjoy touring new places and/or attending large group events, it’s easier than ever to find out if there’s a charter bus available to take you and several others to these places. This is where Internet searching is your friend. You can also browse where charter buses are heading, and if the destination compels you then you might find yourself on a luxurious new adventure!

There are many ways to get around today. Of course, some ways are more convenient and available than others depending on the circumstance. But if the occasion arises to hop on a charter bus, there are certainly more than a few reasons to do so. This is especially true if you enjoy a community atmosphere and care about our environmental impact. On a charter bus, the journey is just as rewarding as the destination!

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