Is A Camping Trip The Right Vacation Idea For Your Family?


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There’s something about camping. We just can’t get enough of it, as a society. Camping has been one of the older forms of vacationing; people have been doing so for decades. Often, it’s less expensive than going to a resort, and certainly involves less sight-seeing than a massive trip. For that matter, people tend to spend less time occupied by technology while camping — and these are considered pros rather than cons, with good reason. Sometimes, you need to unplug from your regular life and just enjoy the great outdoors; camping allows this to happen, which is why family campgrounds in particular fill up every year with people ready to get away from the demands of their regular lives. With that being said, not everyone wants to completely “rough it” when camping. Especially, perhaps, when they’re traveling with children. Camping with kids means an extra level of responsibility. You may want to have shower facilities nearby if you’re camping for an extended period of time, and camping with children also often necessitates the need for nearby toilets. This is why many families have gravitated towards camp resorts for their camping needs. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing a camp resort for your family camping trips, and why camping still reigns supreme as the best way to take a family vacation.

Camp Resorts: Combining The Great Outdoors With Comfort

Some camping purists are initially hesitant about using camp resorts because they’re afraid that they’ll be giving up the essence of camping by using a resort. However, there are many advantages to using camp resorts rather than just finding a camping spot in the wilderness. For one thing, finding a camping spot in the wilderness isn’t as easy as it may seem. Much of the time, what you thought was a camping spot is actually private property, or simply not safe for camping. It’s no wonder that the average camper travels about 186.7 miles to find their perfect campsite. At the same time, however, 13% of adults reported camping because they wanted to spend time with their families, and 12% of adults went on their first camping trips with immediate family. The fact is that resort camping is easier for families, especially large families. The priority when camping is to be as safe as possible, and that’s especially true when you’re camping with children. A camp resort is secure, while at the same time offering bathrooms, shower facilities, and sometimes even kitchen facilities. They also provide shelter in case of emergency. Of course, for some, camping still might be a question rather than a reality. So — is a camping trip right for your family?

Family Camping Trips: Why Go Camping In The First Place?

Camping trips are ideal for family vacations — but if you’ve never been on a camping trip before, it’s easy to understand why you’re hesitant to take the plunge. Camping does require, perhaps, more effort than simply going to a typical resort. But it also pays off in a big way. For one thing, you can often save money on camping because you’re cooking your own meals rather than going out to eat in restaurants. For another, you’re exposing your family to a different way of having fun. All too easily, we can become dependent on technology and forget to focus on what really matters. By going camping, you can engage in healthy, fun activities with your family like fishing, hiking, swimming, and a variety of outdoor games. Doing so at a camping resort just makes the entire process easier.

Choosing Your Campsite: What To Look For

When choosing a camp resort site, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For one thing, you should look out for a campsite that is closer to water, whether that water is a lake or a river. You may also want to choose a site that is somewhat elevated, in case of bad weather. When in doubt, ask resort managers!

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