Current Improving Trends of Air Lines Today


In-flight entertainment system architecture

Airplane travel, just like any other form of travel, is regularly advancing. Not only is airplane travel safer, but it also is improving in terms of entertainment. With so many airlines to choose from today, an airplane company cannot realistically be successful without keeping up with these advances. While we are likely to see even more technology and systems incorporated into airplanes and travel together, the following are the current improvement trends of today.

Safety is, of course, the most important aspect to travel. If a specific airline is considered to be less safe than another, that other companies sales will significantly decline. People want to know that their flight will be overall, safe. Airlines have improved in this area drastically over the last couple of decades. Current airplanes now rely on multiple engines and wings, so that if a mechanical problem occurs, the plane can still safely land. Additionally, airplane engineers are constantly making safety improvements to aircraft displays. Visiting local aircraft display conventions and aircraft interiors expos can provide you with more information about emerging safety trends.

Wi fi capability
The internet is no longer considered an advantage, but instead, is thought of as a necessity. When you travel outside of your home, you expect easy access to the internet. This applies to restaurants, shopping malls, airports, and even airplanes. The idea of shutting down your phone and other electronic devices while flying is a thing of the past. Very few engineers actually believe that it still negatively interferes with the aircraft display system. Many inflight entertainment systems advertise access to easy and free Wi fi.

In flight entertainment systems
In flight entertainment companies are also keeping up with the emerging technological times. The only forms of entertainment once available for airplane travel was reading or sleeping. Because you were unable to use your phone or laptop, you had to revert to the paperback books or uncomfortable sleeping conditions of the airplane. Today however, many airplanes are equipped not only with Wi fi capabilities, but also full in flight entertainment systems. These in flight entertainment systems include DVD systems, headphones, and sometimes, the ability to access the internet.

According to TripAdvisor?s 2013 Air Travel Survey, 37% consider an iPad or tablet a carry on essential, up 5% from 2012. Additionally, 41% of airline passengers watch movies. It also seems that the ability for in flight entertainment systems is especially important on international or long flights. When travelers are required to take air travel for trips a couple of hours or more, they expect there to be some form of in flight entertainment.

Media awareness
There has been a lot of airline talk in the media lately. While entertainment and safety are important factors in choosing an airline, media can also affect sales. When an airline receives negative publicity, people are less likely to book with them. When an airline is publicized positively for outreach efforts, technology improvements, or safety, loyalists of other airlines are more likely to switch. An airline that wants to remain competitive in times of frequent airline travel, they need to focus on how they are portrayed to the public, in addition to the other important factors.

Airline travel has improved exponentially since it was first designed. Safety, one of the most important factors in travel, is higher than ever. Planes are engineered today with many backup safety features, not only to make flyers feel more comfortable, but also to decrease flight problems. Aircraft displays are not affected by mobile devices, making them even safer. Entertainment systems and internet capabilities have also increased, making airplane travel more convenient and entertaining for travelers. Constant improvements also means increases in media attention, which are important to attracting new customers to a specific airline.

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