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Summer is so close.
And while you feel as if you are on the final countdown for the school year for your children, what you are really looking forward to is the once in a lifetime vacation that you and your husband have planned. The first leg of the trip is a commercial flight, the last leg is on a private charter that will take your family to a remote island where you will be able to have a beach to yourself and a chef of your own. You know that your two teenage daughters will love the beach, but you have also arranged for the pilot to give the girls a tour of the cockpit of the private jet. In your conversation with the pilot, however, he told you that while he is happy to give the tour of the cockpit, he predicts that the girls, as well as you and your husband, will be far more intrigued by the upgraded aircraft interior products on this particular plane.
You likely would not have even known much about the private charter jet options except for the fact that one time your rental car pick up and delivery was at a private jet runway. After a few conversations with the airport personnel you found out that this far more individualized approach might be an option for some of your more unique travel plans.
Inflight Entertainment Systems Can Make the Longest Airline Travel Far More Enjoyable
From aircraft display systems to the variety of other kinds of aircraft interior products, the technology on today’s airplanes make air travel more comfortable and, in many ways, safe. Consider some of these facts and figures about the technology that is part of today’s aircraft interior products and the habits of today’s travelers:

  • Upgrades in In-fligh entertainment systems options can help airlines increase their revenue.
  • Emirates was considered to have the best in-flight entertainment, with a score of 4.48 out of five, according to 2014 eDreams worldwide reviews.
  • 41% of airline passengers watch movies when they travel.
  • 21% of airline passengers read when they travel.
  • 17% of airline passengers prefer to sleep when they travel.

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