How an Executive Jet Can Save You Time and Discomfort


Gulfstream executive charter

Traveling fast is a priority for certain people. Some jobs require you to be in different cities, states, or even countries on a day to day basis. With a demanding schedule such as that, normal airline flights just do not cut it. Commercial airlines come with delays, long wait times, and slower jets. Not to mention, having to deal with many other grouchy travelers. A solution to all of these issues is to charter an executive jet. This is a popular alternative to those who value their time and comfort. There were 11,261 private jets in total in the United States in 2011.

Private jets come with many benefits that can complement your lifestyle. One large benefit is getting to your destination quickly.

Want to leave at a moment’s notice? Charter an executive jet. Private flights can be arranged quickly so you can leave when anything comes up that demands your presence. Instead of waiting hours an at airport for departure time, you can arrive right before departure for a private jet. There are also no tedious layovers that consume so much time. You may even be able to land closer to your destination, instead of a large airport. There are over 5,000 airports in the United States which private jets can use, compared to only 550 for commercial airlines.

Everybody knows how uncomfortable commercial airlines can be. Small spaces to sit with no leg room, little ability to move around, and hundreds of people all around you. These jets pack people in like sardines! When you charter an executive jet, it’s guaranteed that you will have maximum comfort, because it truly is private. Many of these private jets have comfortable sitting areas where you can get work done in peace or even sleep.

Commercial airlines have strict rules on what can be brought along. This is not true for private jets. You can bring along anything as long as it is safe for everyone on board. Plus, you do not have to worry about losing your bags in the process. Your belongings are always close and available. Many things are allowed to be brought into the cabin, including pets.

You do not have to consume any commercial airplane food! Your own meals can be prepared or brought on board when you charter an executive jet.

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