5 Entertaining Activities to Get You Moving This Summer


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The summer brings warmer weather which makes it easier to achieve your exercise goals. The increase in the temperatures gives you more opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. However, if you are still finding it difficult to get moving this summer, these activities are sure to interest you. Find one or two that you enjoy, and make it a habit to keep moving throughout the summer months. Also, be sure to try out a couple of new hobbies, as there could be a particularly exciting one that you are not yet aware of.

Summer is perfect for swimming. Swimming is a great exercise activity, because it burns a lot of calories and tones your muscles. The buoyancy of the water also is more gently on injuries and chronic pain conditions. Swimming is also an easy sport to begin. All you have to do is get into the water and find what is comfortable for you. If it is too much, too soon, simply lessen your swimming and spend more time floating. With warmer temperatures, you can find a variety of swimming options. Check out a local pool or visit one of the local beaches. No matter where you go in Florida, you are never more than 60 miles from the beach.

Biking is another wonderful summer activity. Biking allows you to take in the sights of your city. If you are traveling, biking is perfect for sightseeing. It also allows you to enjoy the nice, summer weather. Consider biking to local attractions, whether you are on vacation or in your home town. In a national survey, 33% of Americans stated that they ride bicycles for recreation. Although recreationally entertaining, biking is also extremely beneficial as a form of exercise.

Yes, golfing is a great physical activity. Golfing is a popular activity, especially in the state of Florida. It also requires a lot of physical activity. You get a lot of back and leg work out when golfing. You can increase your level of exercise by giving up the golf cart. Smaller golf locations can easily be walked and add to your fitness. When you choose to walk the golf course, you also get to know the land better and are able to prolong your exciting golfing experience.

Museum and other attractions
You might be surprised to learn that museums are actually a great physical exercise. The majority of museums are very large. They require you to walk throughout the different rooms and attractions. By the end of the day, you have usually exceeded the recommended walking numbers. You will find similar results at other types of attractions, including amusement parks and water parks. Because these types of attractions are so entertaining, you won?t even realize that you spent the day working out. This is also a great physical activity for younger children. They are often so excited to see the next attraction that they quickly run from one area to another.

Horseback riding
The activity of horseback riding also requires some level of exercise. Although the horse does much of the walking and running, you are using new muscles to hold on to the horse. The state of Florida offers many horse farms and horseback riding opportunities. Ocala and Marion County is one of only four major thoroughbred centers in the world with 600 thoroughbred horse farms that have produced 45 national champions, 6 Kentucky Derby winners, 20 Breeders? Cup champions and 6 Horse of the Year. You are likely to find that you can spend hours at a horse farm, without even realizing the amount of energy you put into it.

It is important to remain active throughout the day. Winter is limited in terms of physical opportunities. However, once summer comes, we have many things to do that increase our physical activity levels. You can engage in swimming, biking, golfing, museum and other attractions, and horseback riding. The best part of these activities is that they are extremely entertaining and you will not even realize the amount of exercise you achieve.

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