5 Essentials For A Perfect Family Camping Trip


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A camping trip is the perfection adventure for a family looking to get away and have an awesome experience outdoors! According to the 2014 American Camper Report, 40.1 million Americans went camping and 99 percent of people who went camping said that they were “likely” or “very likely” to go again the next year. There are several reasons why going camping with your family is awesome. You can all reconnect with nature together and learn to “disconnect” from technology, as well as enjoy outdoor sports and activities, and bond together. It’s also much more affordable than going to a theme park of the expensive hotel.

There are several essential you need to think about when going to plan a camping trip with your family. Whether you are planning on staying at a camp resort or a public campground, these are the essentials you need to bring with you.

1. First aid kit

The first on your list of essentials should be a first aid kit in case of any emergency insect bites, allergies, or other medical situations. One of your family members might get stung by an insect or develop a rash from brushed past a plant. First aid kits usually contain gauze, bandages, tweezers, alcohol wipes, pain killers, and allergy medication. You can feel free to bring along the medications and medical items you might need based on your family’s needs, but these are some basics.

2. Tents

If you’re looking at tent camping spaces that you think your family will really enjoy, then you already know one of the first things only our list should be your tent! You might need multiple depending on who is coming on your trip, and it might take few tries before you master pitching a tent. Camp resorts offer a place for families to park their RV, and also mixes both resort amenities with a camping experience so families can get the best of both worlds. In fact, family camping trips are one of the most popular choices for Americans.

3. A lantern and flashlight

Any family who is thinking of camping needs to bring along a lantern to be able to see at night. It can be nice to go out and see the stars without the light pollution from metropolitan cities. It can be really dark out after you all get to enjoy the sunset, and having a lantern can definitely help your family while camping.

4. A jar of peanut butter

All family camping trips can use a jar of peanut butter! This great food staple doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and it can be great for eating with apples or making yummy peanut butter sandwiches! It’s full of protein and will also keep your family full, and also full of energy! They’ll be fueled up for outdoor activities!

5. Raincoats and boots

While planning what to bring to tent camping spaces when traveling with your family, be sure to also pack changes fo clothes for sudden weather changes. This could be raincoats and rain boots in case it goes from sunny to rain in the blink of an eye, or it could be warm, dry clothes in case it goes from sunny to wet and rainy. You don’t want anyone getting sick, and you want your whole family to feel comfortable.

Are you checking out tent camping spaces? Let us know and comment with other tips ofr a great family camping trip!

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