How Romantic Hotels Can Help You Reclaim the Spark in Your Relationship


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Romantic love is a lot of things, such as gentle, kind, intimate, patient, and even sacred. But there’s another aspect of romantic love that lays underneath the cozy, cuddly, and warm feelings often associated with it. Make no mistake; romantic love is hard work, like a lot of hard work. It’s naive and even a bit juvenile to assume that a romantic relationship with another human being can survive and thrive on love alone. Sorry (not sorry), but that simply isn’t going to happen. Maybe in the movies, but not in real life.

The best way to keep love alive and well in your relationship is to fight for it, work towards it, and prioritize it. Are you willing to do the work, make the time, and put in the necessary effort to nurture love in your relationship? This process can be awkward and uncomfortable at times, especially in the very beginning. But if you’re willing to let go of the expectation what love “should” like and instead focus on nurturing the love you have for your significant other, the reward is priceless.

One of the most common reasons why couples fall out of the fiery, passionate love they once felt for each other is because they don’t make love a priority. Their job comes first, or their children, or their hobby, or any one of the countless demands required of every day life. People often load their calendars with appointments, brunches, business meetings, and other events, but rarely do they schedule uninterrupted time to spend with their significant other. Doing so is a great way to start building and maintaining intimacy in your relationship, which will in turn help to keep the spark alive in your romantic love.

It’s a date!

If you struggle with coming up with exciting date ideas, don’t sweat it. They key is to keep it simple and remain thoughtful. A change of environment or scenery can be just what the love doctor order to bring passion back in your relationship. Here are a few ideas.

A night on the town

Being in a new place can do wonders in terms of fanning the flames of desire in your relationship. Why not plan an afternoon or evening activity, such as a romantic dinner, drinks, and movie and then make your way to a hotel in your hometown? It may seem weird, but never underestimate how powerful a change of scenery can be. Boutique hotels and small luxury hotels with all the bells and whistles can be found in nearly every city, and even a night away in the honeymoon villa or suite of a local hotel can provide the atmosphere necessary to reconnect with your partner.

A night on the town in another town

A day trip is a great way for couple to connect, especially if it involves an overnight stay. There are a variety of bed and breakfasts and romantic hotels who cater to just that, taking the guesswork out of planning a short but sweet romantic getaway. Shopping, wine tours, and dining are just a few examples of weekend getaway ideas that provide ample opportunity for romance. Need help planning? Romantic hotels often have concierge services that can help with planning the perfect retreat.

Nights on the town

Why not turn your romantic day trip into a romantic weekend getaway? Romantic hotels and weekend couple retreats are perfect for this, allowing couples to spend uninterrupted time together while engaged in meaningful bonding activities. While shopping for romantic hotels, it’s important to keep the surrounding area in mind. Do you want to get away from it all and disappear into the country? Or would you rather be in the thick of a city’s exciting night life? Or perhaps you want a mix of both? The right environment can help to set the mood for romance!

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