3 Adventurous Vacation Ideas for Your Next Weekend Getaway


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Are you looking for a vacation idea that feels like an adventure? For this vacation, you don?t want to stay in a hotel room or at a resort. Instead, you want to experience the great outdoors and travel somewhere unique. Maybe you?ve spent your whole life going on fancy vacations and want to see what other options are out there. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of fun vacations that allow you to explore, get outside, and be one with nature. From camping, to renting an RV, to staying in a cabin, the options are endless.

Interested in learning more about opportunities to plan a vacation this year that is a fun adventure for all? Keep reading to find out some of the best ways to experience the great outdoors on your next vacation.

3 Vacations That Are an Adventure for the Entire Family

Skip the family vacation to the beach or to the resort this year. Instead, plan something a little more unique that allows you to get out and see nature and different states in the United States. Here are three adventurous vacations you can enjoy with yourself, friends or family.

1. Plan a camping trip

One of the most convenient ways to get out and enjoy nature is by going camping. For this activity, you can choose to camp near or far. Somewhere close to where you, it is likely that there are campgrounds where you could rent a camping space for the weekend. If you want more of an adventure, you could always drive to a famous state park or national park and camp there instead.

You can even plan a last-minute camping trip. It?s not necessary to plan ahead. In fact, more than half of people don?t make reservations ahead of time or plan the trip a month in advance. When it comes to planning a month in advance, only around 43% of people do this. When camping, you can almost guarantee that you?ll spend time outside doing activities. Nearly 87% of people who go camping say they made an effort to do a multitude of things outside like hiking, making a fire, and cooking.

2. Rent out a cabin

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors but with a little more planning and a little less campsite work, rent a cabin instead. There are even some campgrounds with cabins so you could enjoy all the same perks of camping with less hassle since you don?t have to deal with a tent. You’ll still get the opportunity to sleep indoors at night and will likely even have your own kitchen and indoor plumbing. So, that allows you to be part with nature but also have your own space indoors after you’re done exploring the outdoors.

Renting a cabin can still be a short, weekend trip if that?s what you prefer. Around 82% of people who choose to rent a cabin only do so for one or two nights, on average. The option also exists for you to make a longer trip out of it and stay at a cabin for however long you want.

3. Take an RV trip

While renting an RV and driving to different places to visit may seem like a lot of work, it?s definitely an adventure. It?s a great way to travel with less costs all around the country. You can see all the landmarks and cities you?ve wanted to see your entire life without having to worry about renting hotel rooms and booking flights.

Every single day that you?re travelling in an RV, you?re bound to see a new sight or experience a new adventure. You can stop whenever you feel like it to explore something in the town or city you?re passing through. There?s also no pressure to plan too far in advance as all you have to do is hop in your RV and go whenever you?re ready to take a trip.

Which of these adventurous vacation ideas sounds most exciting to you? Have you ever been camping, staying in a cabin, or traveled in an RV before? Let us know about your experiences with these different vacation trips in the comments.

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