Upcoming Super Fight Increasing Private Flight Demand


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There is an upcoming boxing bout scheduled between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Many people in the world of sports are predicting that this fight will make a record amount of money. Aviation experts are already estimating that many private flights will be arriving in Las Vegas this upcoming weekend. The United States makes up for 49.7% of the entire private jet market. In this post, you’ll learn so many people are planning to charter an executive jet for this major event

  1. Less Time Spent Taking Off and Landing

    It’s common to do a lot of waiting when traveling by commercial air. Popular events are likely to leave local airports crammed with people. A packed public airport often leads to increased wait times for your flight to take off. It’s best to charter an executive jet to bypass waiting with large crowds at a public airport.
  2. Access to More Airports

    Public airplanes must adhere to strict travel regulations. Statistics show that there are around 550 airports for commercial flights while private jets have access to nearly 5,000 airports. A big event usually brings out some the world’s most influential people. These people will not want to be bothered by groups of people at a public airport, making private travel essential. When you charter an executive jet, you’ll have access to more airport which means being able to land somewhere nearer your destination.
  3. Faster Overall Travel Time

    It’s important that you get somewhere with time to spare. One reason many choose to charter an executive jet is to save time. You’ll often see groups of people running frantically throughout a public airport. One small delay could cause you to miss an event that you paid good money to attend. Commercial jets cruise at 35,000 feet and have to deal with other forms of air traffic. However, private jets usually fly higher than 35,000 feet which means not having to deal with as much air traffic congestion.

In closing, there are several reasons to charter an executive jet for a major event. It’s important that you are able to quickly take off and land when traveling. An executive jet won’t have you worrying about delays that come with public airline travel. Flying by executive jet allows you to have access to a large number of airports. It’s beneficial to have a wider network of airports which ensures you land near your destination. Private jets typically fly higher than commercial airlines. Flying at higher levels helps to ensure there are no worries about air traffic. Many people will be realizing the benefits of private air travel as they watch two fighting legends compete this weekend.

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