Planning a Camping Trip? Be Sure to Rent Your Cabin at Least a Month in Advance


Cabin in california

When you, your family, and friends go camping, long do you stay? The campers that participated in a recent survey stated that they spent around 14.9 days camping. While some people may travel comfortably and conveniently to their favorite campgrounds in an RV, others may take a car, truck, or van. The survey also showed that 63% of the adults that went camping remained within 150 miles of home.

Whether these campers sleep in their RVs or cabins, other options include tents, bivies, yurts, and weather-willing, in sleeping bags beneath the stars. It’s interesting to note that 13% of RV campers will usually stay an average of 7 or more nights when they go camping. When campers stay in yurts or cabins, however, they tend to go on shorter camping trips. Around 82% of these campers will spent at least 1 to 2 nights sleeping outside, though.

RV campers have several reasons for deciding to use this vehicle as a means of travel and camping. In fact, “Campfire Canvass'” biannual survey asked these campers why they were using their RV more often during this particular camping season. The participants provided the following responses:

  • They enjoyed being able to get away more often: 64%
  • They liked being able to spend more quality time with their family: 47%
  • They liked being able to escape stress: 44%
  • They enjoyed being able to travel less expensively: 42%
  • They enjoyed being able to get away without planing in advance: 38%

Even though 43% of RV and other types of campers will plan their trips a minimum of a month in advance, 34% don’t usually make advanced camp site reservations. Chances are that these campers like to make spontaneous camping trips.

Many people in the United States love to go camping. In fact, it’s at the top of the list for popular outdoor recreational activities. State park campgrounds, for instance, are popular for 40% of adult campers, national park campgrounds are popular with 14% of campers, and local campgrounds are popular with 10% of campers.

There are so many outdoor activities available to campers. These include walking trails, hiking, observing wildlife, and other unique activities. The sheer joy of camping, however, is the largest motivator for 47% of adult campers.

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