What Not to Forget When Creating Your Fall Camping Packing List



When it comes to camping in the fall, it is important to come prepared. While the days may be hot, the nights can be exceptionally chilly and uncomfortable if you do not have the proper supplies. This even goes for campground with cabins, as you have to be prepared even when you’re inside. So here are some of the most important things not to forget when it comes to making your fall camping checklist.

  • A spice rack
    If you have access to a kitchen, then it is imperative you bring a collection of spices with you. You don’t want to deal with bland food when you’re spending the time outside — after all, you’re on vacation! Some spices that go with any kind of food include garlic, salt, onion powder, pepper, thyme, and parsley.
  • A mattress pad
    You’ll want extra layers to protect you from the cold night, and a mattress pad is just the trick. Not only will it help give you a tiny bit more comfort, you’ll get a bit more luxury when it comes to the beds in your cabins.
  • Waterproof matches
    A big risk of camping in the fall means that there may be a lot of rain. And there’s nothing worse than wanting to cook over the campfire but your matches are all wet and soggy! So a waterproof matches holder can really work wonders when it comes to protecting your heat and food source.
  • Wool socks
    While they may feel thick, wool is great for wicking away moisture from your feet while also keeping them warm. They work perfectly in the fall when you don’t know exactly what the temperature will be outside, and can easily transition from hiking in the day to sitting around the campfire at night. They’re also incredibly warm, which is a plus!
  • Insect repellent
    A lot of campers think they don’t have to bring insect repellent because it’s getting to be a bit cooler outside at night. But this doesn’t mean those pesky mosquitoes are out there — so don’t risk the threat of disease and bring a few bottles along.

Even when you’re going to a campground with cabin, it is important to bring these necessary items so you will be as prepared as you can for a vacation you’ll always be able to remember!

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