Learn More About all of the Attractions at a Family-Friendly Campground


Fun family vacations

Are you and your family looking for a fun place to vacation, complete with local attractions? If you haven’t stayed at a family-friendly campground yet, then now’s the time! Every year, over 11 million adults and children attend camp within the United States. For many of these children in particular, it may be the first time they go camping.

The Outdoor Foundation conducted a recent survey and found that 67% of the participants choose to stay at public campgrounds. These types of campgrounds offer a variety of amenities and activities. Family campgrounds, for example, tend to have a variety of attractions such as splash parks and giant water slides. In addition to these fun activities, many family-oriented campgrounds also have boats, pools, and lakes for water-based activities.

While hiking is one of the most popular camping activities, families can also enjoy playing mini-golf, basketball, and volleyball at family-oriented campgrounds. Archery and other physical activities may also be something to do for fun. Just being outside in nature may inspire other activities. These might include taking photos and learning more about the natural surroundings and history of the area.

While some families may choose to stay in luxury cabins, others may prefer sleeping in a tent, an RV, or roughing it outside beneath the stars. Regardless of where they sleep at night, family camping vacations usually last for almost a week or two. In 2011, for example, the average camper spent 12.6 days at a camping site. This amounted to 534.9 million camping days!

Since camping can be such a fun activity for the entire family, why not start planning a trip to a local family camping resort? It’s a good idea to schedule ahead of time so you’re sure to have a spot. If you’re taking the family RV, public campgrounds tend to have hook-ups and other amenities for RV campers. Whether you’re going to sleep in your RV, put up a tent, or alternate between the two, just imagine how relaxing and fun it will be to take your family camping. This is how wonderful memories are made!

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