Affordable, Sustainable And Comfortable The Best Travel Option For Students


Ease of bus travel

Travel should be a comfortable and effective resource. Anything less would simply waste your hard-earned money. Americans are one of the most travel-hungry groups of people in the world and, as a result, spend a lot of effort trying to find the travel options that deliver multiple benefits in one go. Bus companies are fully aware of the burgeoning needs of the average traveler and provide a fantastic combination of affordability with functionality. A bus not only gets you where you need to go, but helps you save money and even reduce strain on the environment. For a full list of the benefits of bus travel, look at the list below.

A Summary Of The Industry

Charter bus travel has been around for decades, though it was originally pioneered all the way back in the 1800’s. Motorcoaches alone account for over 751 million passenger trips taken each year, with some environments vastly preferring them over conventional transit buses or trains. There are over 14 million rural Americans, as well, who rely on motorcoaches nigh-exclusively to get where they need to go. Due to the prevalence of the motorcoach industry throughout the country, spending money on charter buses creates a ripple effect that impacts small businesses and tourism.

An Ideal Match For Busy Students

Juggling schoolwork with a part-time job or taking care of family isn’t easy. Bus companies can make it easier. The year 2012 saw the motorcoach industry actively taking tally of the demographics using its services, with both students and seniors accounting for just over 50%. Adults and young adults reached a similar percentage, showing a traveling trend that only continues to grow. Using a bus (instead of driving) allows you to focus on schoolwork or relax as needed.

Support Local Economies And Small Businesses

Your dollar can go a long way. Bus companies provide you a means of benefiting not just yourself, but those around you. The motorcoach industry is made up of over 3,400 small businesses strewn across the country. Each dollar invested in new motorcoach models will generate an additional dollar and a half worth of spending. This totals over $1 billion spent on tourism and travel every single year. From hotels to motels to tour guides, your hard-earned cash will create a positive domino effect for countless people.

Create A Healthier, Happier Environment

There is a lot of discussion lately about the ramifications of so many cars on the open road. Bus companies provide a means to reduce this environmental strain without taking away the effective travel so many Americans rely on. Motorcoaches are up to three times more efficient in reducing CO2 output than commuter rail, as well as six times more efficient than transit buses. A full motorcoach can take as many as 50 cars off the road. Less traffic, less air pollution and a less damaged ozone layer mean a healthier environment for all.

How A Charter Bus Can Give You A Full Travel Experience

Choosing a good travel option can seem a losing battle. Having it all just doesn’t seem possible, particularly when you are already on a tight schedule and tight budget. Coach bus transportation is proven to be the closest you can get to a full travel experience. It’s a green method of going from place-to-place, removing excess vehicles from the road and creating a cleaner environment over time. Charter bus travel gives students and families alike the freedom they need to study, relax and mingle. Perhaps best of all is the positive impact your dollar has on your life and the lives of others.

Bus companies create travel options that are sustainable, affordable and comfortable. Spend your money wisely and choose an investment that’ll go as far as you do.

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