6 Tips for Flying Internationally


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Traveling internationally? Here are six important tips to get you ready for your trip:

  1. Check your visa status early on. Thankfully, most countries in the world will offer visa-free travel if you?re staying less than 90 days, or let you get a visa on arrival. But a few countries will require a visa, and it can be very time consuming to jump through all the hoops to get one. Also be aware that while China, a popular destination, does offer visa on arrival, it can take as many as six hours of standing in line once you get there before you?ll be able to collect your bags and see the sites.
  2. Clear everything with your bank and credit card company before you leave. Most banks and card providers will throw a huge fit if a charge appears unexpectedly abroad. Most demand that you tell them where and when you?re going (try not to think of it as ?getting permission?). Before you board that cheap flight to Bangkok, make sure you?ve let your bank know where you?re going. Also be sure to check that your credit card will work, especially if you have an older magnetic strip card. A lot of countries now will only accept cards with chip and PIN technology. When flying internationally, you?ll also want to find out if your bank has a relationship with any banks or ATM networks where you?re going that might save you on exchange or ATM fees.
  3. Be proactive about your health. Check the United States State Department website when flying internationally, as they will post recommendations for all vaccines you?ll need for nearly any destination you can imagine. Also be aware that in many countries there will be no easy access to over-the-counter painkillers, cold and flu medications, or remedies to ease your stomach. Pack some of those for your flight, just in case.
  4. Make sure your electronics are ready to go. Different countries have different sized plugs and different levels of voltage. Most of the world doesn?t use the same voltage as the United States, so you?ll either need to buy a travel hair dryer that can adapt to higher voltage, or get an adapter. Also make sure you have converters to allow you to plug things in no matter what size or shape the power points are at your destination. Beyond that, make sure your phone is ready to be used abroad, as well.
  5. Be ready for the flight and beyond. There are a lot of airline deals these days, and for those traveling on a budget life has never been better. But flying internationally at a discount can also mean pretty long flights and layovers. Prepare with reading material (remember many airlines won?t let you use your electronics for reading or playing games for a significant period before takeoff and after landing), snacks, and an extra set of clothes in case you and your luggage get separated.
  6. Do some research to make the most of your trip. When flying internationally, one of the great benefits is getting to sample the local cuisine. In fact, Forbes reports that 98% of Millennials want to eat the local food while traveling. TopDeck Travel found the 69% of Millennials are motivated to travel primarily to eat the local food! Spend some time before you leave checking out the best places to eat so you know how to get there, what to order, and what to avoid. IF you have a food allergy, it?s pretty easy these days to print a food allergy card in nearly any language. You can give these to servers so they?ll know what not to bring you.

There?s hardly anything so fun as getting a great discount travel deal to a fun and exotic destination. Flying internationally will broaden your horizons, open your eyes, make you appreciate the rest of the world: but also make you appreciate home. If you plan carefully, you?ll have a great time and avoid stress: so start your research now!

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