Discover the Benefits of Chartering Private Jets From Added Convenience to Increased Productivity


Types of private planes

Many companies are discovering the benefits of chartering private jets rather than flying on commercial airlines. In addition to being more convenient, executives and other staff are also more productive when flying on a private jet flight. There are, of course, other benefits to using this mode of travel. This includes the ease and comfort of the overall private jet experience.

Experience the Added Convenience of Traveling by Private Jet

One of the many benefits to traveling by private jets is that these aircraft have greater airport access. They are able to fly into and out of over 5,000 airports throughout the United States. Commercial airlines, however, only have access to 550 airports. While a third of private jets will depart from or land in secondary airports, 19% of these aircraft will do so at a large commercial airport.

Another benefit to choosing private jets is that they are able to fly higher than commercial aircraft. Since commercial jets cruise at 35,000 feet, private jets are able to avoid the usual air traffic. As a result, these trips are often faster, which can save time for busy executives and their staff.

Experience an Increase in Productivity When Traveling by Private Jet

Since business personnel won’t experience the distractions commonly associated with commercial air travel, they tend to be more productive. According to a 2009 survey, the participants indicated that they were 20% more productive than they were at their home office when they traveled on a private flight. The same survey showed than when business executives and staff traveled by commercial airlines, they experienced a 40% drop in their productivity.

Learn More About Chartering a Private Jet

Since your company realizes the benefits of chartering a private jet, you may be curious about private charter quotes. If your staff needs to travel from New York City to San Francisco over the weekend, for example, chartering a Gulfstream V will cost approximately $106,711.17. When you want to charter an executive jet for a shorter or longer distance, you can obtain a private charter quote when you contact the company that provides this service.

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