Taking A Look At Finding The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding In The United States


Here in the United States, weddings are incredibly common. After all, as many as 44,000 of them will occur each and every weekend that passes us by. In addition to this, nearly two and a half million weddings will occur over the course of just one year, which is certainly quite impressive, to say the least. But as exciting as planning a wedding will be for so many people in this year and the years that are to come, planning a wedding can be stressful as well, purely based on everything that must be decided upon to have the wedding of your dreams.

For instance, you’ll need to settle on a budget. There’s no doubt about it that weddings can be quite expensive – after all, the average wedding will now cost over $35,000 when all is said and done – and budgeting well can help you to keep costs low. If you don’t watch your budget, you’re far too likely to fall in love with things that you can’t have – or even buy them anyway without knowing their financial impact, likely to be a negative one. Setting a firm budget can help to keep all of that in check.

And there are certainly steps that you can take to keep your budget low, such as limiting the number of guests you invite. Typical weddings will have around 165 guests, but having a smaller wedding can also help to keep things intimate and much more manageable on a larger scale. In addition to this, investing in a wedding package can also be ideal, as wedding packages, when based around a specific wedding venue, can be very much all inclusive.

When looking for a wedding venue for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception, consider looking for one that will offer you a wedding package. Ideally, your wedding package will not only contain the use of the venue itself, but use of various other services as well, such as lodgings and food provided for the dinner during the reception. Many a wedding package will even provide certain elements of decor for the wedding venues in question. So while any given wedding package might seem a bit pricey up front, getting aw wedding package is actually likely to save you money in the long run.

Of course, there are other decisions and factors that come into play when choosing your wedding venue aside from just whether or not they have a wedding package to offer. The scenery is often important, as up to 35% of all weddings are now held in various outdoor settings. After all, the data that has been gathered on the subject shows that nearly half of all people in the process of planning their wedding said that having a venue with a scenic background fell into one of their top priorities when in the planning process and attempting to cultivate the perfect day.

For many people, a mountain resort, such as in the Poconos, is ideal for any wedding, especially during the summer months (and warm weather) during which the wedding will easily be able to be held outside. After all, the Pocono Mountains boast as many as 19 waterfalls, making them the perfect place, lush and beautiful and romantic, for a truly memorable wedding to take place. Fortunately, resorts in the Poconos are relatively easy to find, quite commonplace, and are typically willing to accommodate weddings and even wedding parties, given the time of the year and their booking rate.

This is why it’s important to find your venue relatively early on in the wedding process. While you certainly don’t want to rush this process, it’s really important to make sure that you are able to secure a venue at least nine months before the actual date of the wedding, if not even a full year before at that. This will help to make sure that the venue doesn’t fall through or become overbooked before you can reserve its usage for the day of your choosing.

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