A Breath Of Fresh Air The Oahu Helicopter Tour For The Weary American In Need Of A Vacation


Sometimes you just need a vacation.

Not just any vacation, either…but a true break away from the workweek, your city, and all the stressful memories you’ve gathered over the months. When your favorite campground or bar doesn’t hold the same appeal, leveling up your time off can mean thinking in broader terms. Seeing the sights, going somewhere new. An Oahu helicopter tour might cure what’s ailing you. You’ll, quite literally, be seeing the world from a brand new perspective.

The delicious food and sunny beaches don’t hurt, either! Let’s start the journey early by looking at helicopter rides in Oahu and why they’re one of today’s most popular tourist activities.

Americans Are Burning Out Fast

Feeling the weight of the world closing in? Rest assured you’re far from alone. The United States is reporting some of the highest rates of burnout yet seen in the country’s history, with millions of working American adults struggling with slagging mental health due to stress. Whether it’s too much work in too little time or personal health issues, this is a country in need of a break. A sightseeing adventure might be the sort of detox you’ve been looking for.

Vacations Are Good For Your Health

It’s not just exercising and dieting that keeps you feeling your best. Your mental health is just as important! A survey asking Americans what they think about vacations found over 95% stating time off to be very important to them. Another AAA study saw 35% of working American respondents stating they plan on taking a vacation at least 50 miles from home. Burnout is a difficult thing, but allowing yourself a week or two to kick back can keep it far away.

Hawaii Is Full Of Beautiful Sights

Just taking a weekend off outside your city limits isn’t enough sometimes. You need a breath of fresh air in more than one sense of the word. Hawaii remains a beloved choice for tourists all around the world, coveted for its sandy beaches and incredible Oahu helicopter tours. Back in 2016 the state saw over 200,000 visitors on any given day. The year later would see a record nine million total, a near 5% increase.

There’s Plenty To Do In Hawaii

Feel like getting some swimming done? How about reclining on the beach and soaking in the rays? No matter what kind of vacation you’re looking for, you can bet Hawaii will have something to match. Back in 2017 there was a 12% increase in Americans spending summer vacations. International travel has also been raking in big bucks thanks to the tourist industry…and you signing up for a helicopter tour could be your next best idea!

Signing Up For A Helicopter Tour

Hawaii vacation ideas are a-plenty, particularly if it’s been a while since you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone. You can go for the traditional hotel stay…or you can step things up and try seeing things from another angle. The Oahu helicopter tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up in the air and see some truly breathtaking vistas. At any given time there are around 5,000 aircraft in the sky. The United States today has the largest number of commercial helicopters.

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from living the dream. Sign up for Hawaii helicopter tours this summer and embrace your inner traveler!

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