What to Do During an Alaska Vacation


Alaska is geographically the largest American state and one of the last to join the Union. Many Americans dismiss Alaska as a remote, barren place, but they may not realize that Alaska is in fact a very popular place for domestic tourism. The domestic American tourism industry is a big one, and while the sunny beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii are highly popular and typical to visit, Alaska has a lot to offer as well. No one will go snorkeling or play beach volleyball in Alaska, but this rugged state has many other outdoor adventures to offer for those interested. Alaska is an excellent state for those who enjoy rustic camping and adventuring, and Alaska vacations may vary from kayaking trips to big game hunting to a destination wedding in spring or summer. An all-inclusive vacation may be done for kayaking, for example, and searching “kayaking homer alaska” may be a fine idea. Alaska fishing trips and dog sledding adventures may be booked ahead of time, and there may be more competition for such trips than one may expect. Booking a trip like “kayaking homer alaska” may require some planning ahead of time.

Alaska as a Tourist Spot

Many Americans picture a sandy, sunny beach in Florida or California for their vacations, but Alaska’s natural bounty may come as a pleasant surprise for someone who visits there. Americans are taking more domestic trips than ever, and over 90% of American workers agree that taking trips is important to them. Most Americans tend to take vacations that are 50 miles away or further from home, and for most Americans, Alaska is indeed further away than 50 miles, usually accessed by plane. This state is home to the nation’s largest park system, boasting over 3.2 million acres of land and water alike.

What do the numbers show about Alaskan tourism? The Alaska Travel Industry Association has published data showing that around 1,857,000 out-of-state visitors came to Alaska between May and September 2016. This was an all-time high for the time. Other statistics have been compiled to study how often Americans were satisfied with their trip or whether it exceeded their expectations, and the results were largely positive. A majority of guests were satisfied or very happy with their trip to the state, with just under 2% expressing dissatisfaction with their Alaska vacation. Similarly, a majority of Americans reported that their Alaska trip exceeded their expectations, and very few said that this frozen state was under their expectations.

Planning Your Trip

What might your trip to Alaska entail? This may vary based on what you want to do there, and Alaska has a lot of nature-based activities to offer. Many Americans simply want to explore the wilderness by foot and kayak, such as hiking or taking a kayak boat along the creek rapids. Someone planning this trip may need to schedule it well ahead of time for the busy season, just like they would for a Hawaii or Florida trip. Alaska is cold and remote, but far from ignored. Someone planning a boat trip may search “kayaking homer alaska in june” for example, or “kayaking homer alaska for two” to find lodgings and more ahead of time. Something similar might be done for a hiking trip, and someone visiting Alaska may want to find either rustic log cabin or a modern hotel to visit during their stay.

Someone looking to hunt or fish there will find plenty of game, and once their hunting licenses and their gear are ready, a hunter or fisher may be in for a great time. Big game such as moose and bears can be found in this state, and many species of fish may draw anglers of all kinds. This is a common state for ice fishing, and Alaska’s frozen lakes may boast many ice fishing cabins.

Alaska’s natural beauty also draws in wedding parties. Destination and outdoor weddings are more popular among Americans than ever, and Alaska’s forests, lakes, and mountains and glaciers can make for an excellent nuptial backdrop. This may require a lot of legwork to get all of the guests into the state and find lodgings for them in spring or summer. But the stunning view and clean air may very well be worth it.

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