Commercial Airlines Are Bad For Productivity Talking To A Private Jet Broker For Your Next Business Trip


Travel is a necessary part of running a good business. When you’re a manager or a CEO? It’s even more common.

A travel experience that leaves you burnt out upon arrival is a travel experience you should dispose of. Too many hard-working Americans today are attempting to make do with a flight that leaves them exhausted. Not only is this a waste of money, it can seriously impact your performance down the road. Make this the year you take the art of travel back into your own hands and talk to a private jet broker. Providing you a smooth transportation and several useful amenities in one package, a private air charter will finally provide you the pick-me-up you’ve been craving.

On demand flying emphasizes the journey as much as the destination. Let’s talk about what a better flight experience can do for your productivity and your health.

Travel Industries Are Experiencing More Business As Of Late

Now’s a good time to figure out the ins and outs of your personal travel experience. Recent studies have determined domestic travelers make up 85% of the total travel expenditures in the United States, with Millennials expected to spend $1 trillion on travel every year by 2020. When people travel they’re often looking for a journey that’s just as enjoyable as the destination. This means comfortable seating, fun amenities, and good customer service, among other things. What do you look for in a quality flight?

Leisure And Work Travel Alike Are Increasing

Turns out there’s more similarity than previously thought. It’s estimated over one million American newlyweds will travel for their honeymoon. Back in 2016 American travelers went on a collective 450 million domestic business trips, to boot, and this is expected to rise to nearly 480 million by 2020. Whether an individual is traveling to spend time with family or needs to meet with the managers of a start-up, everyone needs to enjoy the benefits of a good experience. The private air charter is designed to give you a little bit of everything in one convenient location.

A Good Travel Experience Is Vital For Your Health

What happens when you get off a flight sore and tired? It impacts your mood and leaves you in a bad spot to meet with executives, for starters. Commercial airlines may be cheaper, but they’re also notorious for being cramped, noisy, and generally incompatible with business needs. Many people today are finding themselves frustrated with the constant hustle and bustle of commercial airlines, seeking out alternatives or just avoiding traveling altogether. Private jet charter flights offer you the chance to rest fully and arrive prepared.

A Bad Travel Experience Can Impact Your Work

It’s not just your mood you have to worry about. When you step off the plane feeling worse for the wear…your work suffers. More than $300 billion is spent on business travel in the United States every single year, with many of these expenses just going to private jet brokers that provide quality. Whether you’re the type to rest on a plane or finish up a few papers, the private jet charter cost more than pays for itself. A recent study asked businessowners and CEOs what they thought of the private charter, finding the majority admitting they feel more productive on private airlines.

Private Jet Brokers Provide You The Full Package

Struggling through cramped, noisy commercial airlines costs you in the long term. It costs you vital rest and it costs you essential concentration. It’s estimated more than eight million fly every day in the United States…but only some are getting their money’s worth. A luxury private jet charter offers you a smooth flight and plenty of amenities, including (but not limited to) delicious food, comfortable seating, and a wide selection of entertainment. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of higher cruising altitudes, which translates into less jet lag and fewer delays.

Take the bite out of travel. Enjoy the journey with the aid of a private jet broker.

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