Three Reasons Why Cabo Is A Top Vacation Spot


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It’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a vacation spot. Every year, a comparatively small amount of people go on big vacations — and therefore, there are many different locations competing to be the place that gets your business. First and foremost, you should decide one thing: do you want to go to a resort, or don’t you? Resort vacations offer many different advantages that you can’t get when going on vacation off-resort. In many ways, resort vacations have everything you need in one location. You have the place that you’re going to sleep at after a long day of adventuring or even simply relaxing at the beach; resorts also often have restaurants on location as well; and for that matter, many resorts off “excursions”. Excursions are package deals, in which an experienced tour guide can take you off the resort for an adventure of some kind. These are just some of the many reasons why people choose resorts over tailor-making their own vacations. It’s simply more convenient, especially if you’re visiting a foreign country. One of the many places where you can find resorts is Cabo. Cabo is a prime vacation spot for many reasons, as we’ll mention below. In fact, you can often find all inclusive vacation resorts in Cabo. So with that being said — here are a few of the top reasons why people vacation in Cabo.

1. Weather

No matter how great a value you find, a vacation will always cost money. This is why it’s so frustrating when you pay for a vacation, only to suffer from bad weather that keeps you indoors the whole time. As such, it’s best to choose a vacation spot that doesn’t have frequent rain or thunderstorms. Cabo is just the right place for those looking to have fun in the sun, with the respite of the beach close by. Usually, Cabo has nearly perfect sunny days — hot with low humidity. In fact, Cabo has good weather 350 to 360 days out of the year. This is exactly what you want when looking for a beach vacation. Often, however, those looking to relax near the beach find one specific issue: the rain. Tropical climates are prone to rainy weather; it’s practically unavoidable. Fortunately, Cabo is much less likely to suffer from rainfall than the average beach location. The rainy season in Cabo is in July, August, and September. Even then, it only sees about seven to 10 inches of rain per year.

2. Activities

It’s important that, when vacationing, you have the option to take part in fun activities. Relaxation is important, but you don’t want to get bored. Fortunately, Cabo is full of fun adventures for tourists to take part in. As previously mentioned, all inclusive resorts often offer excursion packages, which you should take advantage of. Some of the fun things you can do in Cabo include not only hanging out at the beach, but exploring the ocean. This can be done through scuba diving or snorkeling trips. Many like to fish in Cabo as well. Cabo actually hosts Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marling Fishing Tournament. The world’s richest fishing tournament, it has a jackpot of $3 million. If you want to visit this particular tournament, it happens during October. However, Bisbee’s Offshore Tournaments offer other tournaments in Cabo throughout the year.

3. Rental Options

As a popular vacation spot, Cabo has many different rental options when it comes to where you want to stay. We already mentioned that a resort is ideal; but a resort in itself can have several different options in which you can reside. Some prefer compact condos. Others find that villa rentals are more their speed. The advantage of renting a villa, obviously, is more space — this allows you to relax and be as comfortable as you would be at home, or maybe even more so!

One thing is certain — in Cabo, you’ll have memories to last you a lifetime!

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