Why More Americans Are Choosing Camping Vacations


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If you are one of the more than 40 million Americans who went camping in 2013, according to the 2014 American Camper report, you know the magical and inspiring experience that such family vacations can be. Everyone from preschool kids to teens and adults can enjoy camping adventures. From Southern campgrounds near spectacular scenery to cabins in the woods with the option of moonlit lake swims, camping offers something for everyone.

Most campers start their love affair with this type of vacation from an early age, with most having their first camping experience before age 15. Those who are exposed to camping and the great outdoors early on are more likely to continue to participate in such activities throughout life. In fact, almost all (99%) of campers are likely or very likely to take another camping trip in the following year. Two thirds of campers are planning three or more upcoming trips while most are planning just less than five. Most camping vacations last just over two weeks and involve travel of over 186 miles or more on average. This is regardless of the type of camping trip taken — yurt, bivy, RV, cabin or tent.

Camping trips usually involve a combination of relaxation and fun and exciting activities with close to 90% of campers taking part in more than one outdoor activity such as fishing or hiking during a camping trip. Most choose camping for the joy of it, the sense of wonder and tranquility that such trips bring, while 13% camp to spend more time with family or friends. Camping is a shared activity, with 12% camping with their immediate family. Whether you choose local Southern campgrounds or a luxury glamping experience, there are always a number of activities that you can do, from swimming and canoeing if you choose a lakeside location to hiking, sports activities at campgrounds with such facilities and other organized on-site activities. It is also a wonderful way to reconnect with nature and with each other.

Another benefit is that camping offers cost savings over other types of vacations as you do not have to shell out for a hotel and most meals are prepared at the camp site. Summer camping trips with fun barbecues and campground cooking can add that extra spice to your outdoor experience; the whole family can pitch in and you can come up with creative recipes for camp fire or RV cooking.

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