Why Motorcoaches are Becoming the Most Popular Form of Travel


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Passenger buses are the fastest growing type of transportation in the U.S. There are a number of reasons for this: it’s still the cheapest form of transportation; buses cover areas and reach destinations that planes and trains cannot; and it’s possible to travel comfortably on a bus and enjoy the scenery while leaving the driving to someone else. Local bus services are a lifeline for many rural communities, which don’t have any other form of public transportation.

Benefits of bus travel
Everyone has fond memories of school trips and of singing songs in the bus on the way home. You were tired, in need of a bath and sleep, but rich in experiences and friendship. Buses have played an important role throughout their history as a staple of public transportation. But buses today are not the bumpy old school buses you used to ride.
Local bus services offer charter bus services with smooth rides, headphones with surround sound, video and soft drinks. You can even get wifi on a bus. For tour groups, family reunions, school trips and executive outings, a charter bus is the best way to travel. You get comfort, a professional driver and the flexibility to decide on your route and schedule. And also the pleasure of making unscheduled stops, if something catches your eye.

Motorcoaches have the smallest carbon footprint

Sustainability is one of the biggest pluses in favor of local bus services. Charter buses have the smallest carbon footprint of all forms of public transportation, including railways. In terms of fuel economy, motorcoaches are currently rated at 206 passenger miles per gallon (MPG). This compares favorably with 92 passenger MPG for commuter rail, 44 passenger MPG for airplanes on domestic routes and 27 MPG for automobiles.
Because they use less fuel proportionately than other types of transportation, buses are much more efficient at reducing the emissions of harmful gases like CO2. They do three times better in this department than commuter rail, and six times better than transit buses.

Motorcoaches contribute to the economy

With all these advantages, motorcoaches are fast becoming the most popular form of transportation, carrying around 751 million passenger each year. The American Bus Association reports that bus travel increased by 7.5% between 2011 and 2012. At the present time, the motor coach industry consists of almost 3,400 operators, mostly small businesses. This includes 33,400 vehicles used for charter, tours, sightseeing trips, and airport and commuter shuttles.
Bus tours also contribute to the economy by bringing in tourism dollars to the communities where they travel. One single overnight stop by a motorcoach can bring as much as $11,660 to the local economy through spending on lodging, meals and other things. Overall, motorcoaches travel generates over $55 billion for the economy.

Motorcoaches connect people

For many rural communities, motorcoaches are the only form of public transportation available. These serve more than 14 million rural residents in the U.S. Motorcoaches can take people to destinations not covered by air and train travel. In fact, bus terminals outnumber airports five times and intercity rail six times.

Motorcoaches provide a convenient form of travel for local bus services as well as intercity tours. For school, family and church trips, charter tours and corporate outings, they are a comfortable and safe form of transportation.

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