Things to See In Oahu


One of the last states to join the Union, Hawaii stands as a hugely popular destination spot for vacations for Americans and guests alike, and the island’s natural beauty brings in big crowds every year, from its jungles and volcanoes to the beaches and the native Hawaiian cultures to be found, not to mention marine wildlife that can be seen with a snorkeling tour. Hawaii can also be enjoyed from high above in a guided helicopter tour, for those not looking to get wet in sea adventures off the Hawaiian coast. Whether a guest is looking for boat tours or going snorkeling, the ocean around Hawaii offers exotic sea adventures, and local tour guides can explain th4e native species and the history of the Hawaiian coast. What can a tourist expect to find?

American Vacations

Ordinary Americans love to travel, and often they choose to go somewhere far from home to get away from the bustle of everyday life and see something new. In fact, domestic travel in the United States grew 1.9% in the year 2017, with a total of 2.25 billion personal trips being taken, and overall domestic travelers represent 85% of all traveling expenditures within the U.S. What is more, all this traveling supports many industries for airplanes, trains, and local tourism, and domestic travel supports an estimated total of 7.6 million American jobs. Most often, these tourists want to see a beach, and this is backed up by how 74% of survey respondents said how they most prefer their vacations to be on the coast, anywhere from Hawaii to California to Florida. The Millenial generation, those born between 1982 and 1995 or so, are expected to be big on travel; this demographic is expected to spend a total of $1.4 trillion on travel year year by 2020.

Plenty of Americans visit Florida to see Miami or the Everglades, and many others visit California and its endless beaches. But beyond that, in the Pacific Ocean, lays the island state of Hawaii, and many statistics are gathered to see just how popular this state is for visitors. Among all of Hawaii’s islands, Oahu is the most popular for abroad visitors, and 75% of the state’s population live there. Kauai, the state’s fourth biggest island, also enjoys a lot of tourism. What can guest expect to see and do there?

Visiting Hawaii

Being an exotic island state, Hawaii offers boundless sea adventures for those interested in snorkeling and boat rentals, and many guests there will rent boats to see the dolphins and colorful fish, or swim alongside them with snorkeling. This is nothing unusual; many Americans love to do recreational snorkeling, over 8.38 million people in 2017 alone. Guests will probably be advised to avoid dangerous wildlife, anything from sharks and jellyfish to certain fish species, but as long as safety precautions are taken, guests can embark on personal sea adventures and see Hawaii’s wildlife up close.

For those interested, a vacation to Hawaii is best taken from up above, in guided helicopter tours. Once a party books a helicopter flight (this may have to be done well in advance), the group may board a helicopter and see the sights of Hawaii on a grand scale through the helicopter’s windows. The passengers will be safe with the helicopter’s doors closed, and the guests will be given headsets so that they may hear the tour guide over the noise of the vehicle. Those who book a helicopter ride may choose to double-check the helicopter’s condition and the pilot’s certifications if they wish, and a helicopter guide will fly in all but the worst weather. If dangerous weather such as lightning or strong winds threaten the helicopter, it will stay grounded and the flight may be delayed or canceled. The tourists will have to inquire about possible refunds.

Someone planning a helicopter tour of Hawaii or going on sea adventures off Oahu in a boat will have to keep the busy tourist season in mind. Costs may be higher during that time, and finding bookings for helicopters, boats, or snorkeling room may be difficult with the dense traffic of other tourists. A person could visit in the off-season, or else plan and book everything well in advance so that exotic sea adventures can be had.

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