The Epitome of Class Etiquette for Limousines


No matter the occasion, any event will benefit from the addition of a limousine for your group transportation. Not only will you make a classy entrance, you’ll know that you’re going to arrive to your destination in style and comfort. Whether you choose a fleet or a small company, in order to look as good as your ride, following simple etiquette tips will ensure you get the most out of your limousine rental experience.

Be Polite

Your limousine company driver is there to ensure your safety — he won’t be able to do that if you and your guests are distracting him or asking him to break the law. Limo drivers aren’t your average bus service: they make around 105 stops every week and provide the luxury experience in event transportation. Even though you’re there to have fun, treating your driver with respect and gratitude will make you a valued customer.

Slide, Don’t Crawl

Sliding into the limousine after allowing the chauffeur to open the door is the best way to retain your composure. To avoid looking like a clumsy prom-goer, don’t crawl into the limo — slide onto the seat and move down the rows to make room for your other guests. You may feel a little silly scooting across the seats, but no one will see you when you’re inside of the rental SUV or limo.

Keep it Clean

Some limousine rentals offer beverages or other additions to add to your experience. While it can be easy to get carried away, managing spills and messes will keep both you and the limousine clean, and that includes keeping control over your guests. The limousine will often take you to and from your travel destination, and rowdy guests can be hard to manage. You’ll have to take care of any damages or theft that occur under your supervision.

Tip, Tip, Tip

You might not think you need to tip since you’ve already paid for the experience, but the limousine driver only gets a piece of the cut. Just like you’d tip a taxi driver, you want to thank them for their professionalism and good service. Tip around 20% if the driver did a good job — if the driver did poorly, contacting the limousine rental service and alerting the company of the driver’s performance is important.

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